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How to Get in Touch, Stay in Touch and Grow your Customer Base

Posted by Julie Dunn on 9/26/19 6:41 AM

Sometimes it is the smallest, most basic practices that get overlooked when running your business. When it comes to running an activity center, it’s critical that potential customers can effectively search, view and engage with your brand on the platform of THEIR choice. If your customer searches for your activity center via the internet or social media does your business present a fun, energetic atmosphere with accurate, up-to-date and engaging content? This interaction will likely be their first impression of your business before ever setting foot in your activity center, so make it count. Here is our checklist to convert those searches to paying customers. 

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Reaching Customers Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted by Ana Wieser on 11/21/18 11:39 AM

With the help of technology, interacting with your customers is now possible beyond the walls of your facility. There are many steps that take place leading up to customers coming to your location, and well after they leave, all of which can also be touchpoints for you to reach them and encourage them to come to your activity center and return again and again.

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Topics: Adventure Park, Adventure Center, Activity Center, Customer Journey

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