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Reaching Customers Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted by Ana Wieser on 11/21/18 11:39 AM

With the help of technology, interacting with your customers is now possible beyond the walls of your facility. There are many steps that take place leading up to customers coming to your location, and well after they leave, all of which can also be touchpoints for you to reach them and encourage them to come to your activity center and return again and again.


Customers’ decision-making process for spending a day at your park can be extensive; most do so in advance when they are at home. With that in mind, take advantage of the communication channels available to you to keep yourself top of mind. Send emails that give customers an incentive to visit, like special pricing and discounts, upcoming contests and events, or updates about what is happening at your facility. The next time the customers on your email list are trying to decide what to do on a free day, your activity center will come straight to mind!

Once a person or group has decided to come to your park, make the registration process as simple as possible for them. Allow them to register their information, sign your safety waiver, and book activities online, all from the comfort of their home before they even step foot in your venue. They will appreciate being able to go right to the fun once they get there.

Aditionally, if a guest wants to hold an event at your center, you can correspond and send important information leading up to the event. Confirm the event, send reminders, waivers for every guest, and a “know-before-you-go” email that gives information on everything from parking, to where the group should go when they arrive, to the schedule of activities, and more. Keeping communication with your customers will show them you appreciate their business and want them to have the best time possible at your location.


Once guests arrive, they will have to sign it and book activities if they didn’t before. You can make this easy for them with self-service stations; these stations let your customers do all the preliminary work efficiently on a tablet device rather than waiting in a line to sign in with an employee. Through these devices, guests can also make food or merchandise purchases that will all be tracked in your system. This lets you gather data about your customers without taking too much time away from them enjoying all your park has to offer. Additionally, your employees can focus more of their attention on keeping people safe.


After customers leave your park, the communication shouldn’t stop. You want to thank them for coming and continue engaging them in efforts to get them to come back. A day or two after their visit, send a thank-you email with a deal that they can redeem at their next visit (10% off activities, BOGO, etc.). For customers who came to your activity center and haven’t returned for an extended period of time, you can send additional communication with discounts and offers. The opportunities for reaching out to your customers are endless; just make sure you don’t over-communicate and send too many emails, or you may irritate the people on your list and find an increase in unsubscribes.

Finally, creating an app for your brand means you are always available to your customers. They can find your address and contact information there, see what’s going on at your park and book their next visit wherever they are. Make sure all this information is easy to find within your app - the more a person has to go digging, the more frustrated they will feel with their experience.

Your customers go through a journey every time they come to your location. Making that journey as seamless as possible for them will increase their satisfaction and their excitement to come back again and again. It’s a win-win! Learn more about how Clubspeed can help you interact better with your customers and give them the best experience possible.

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