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Posted by Ana Wieser on 10/19/18 9:06 AM

We are happy to introduce our latest integration for our activity center partners: self-service kiosks. Using a tablet, customers who come to your location can check in, register, sign waivers, and even make purchases.


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Today, consumers want instant gratification, and have little patience waiting for the things they want. When they come to your activity center, they aren’t coming with hopes of standing in line to register and sign waivers. The longer they wait in line, the less time they can spend participating in activities and having fun.

Self-service kiosks speed up the process of the non-fun customer requirements, putting the customer in control and reducing wait times. Guests can enter the necessary information and sign your safety waiver, all of which will be stored in the system for them to easily access when they come back. They can also schedule activities like booking races or jumps right at your venue, paying for everything directly through the tablet.

This process has a positive impact on your time as well as your customers’. Fewer minutes spent registering maximizes the amount of time they can enjoy activities, order food and purchase merchandise; in other words, they will spend more money at your center. It also gets more people into the park in a shorter amount of time with minimal engagement with employees, who can focus their efforts watching over the park patrons and making sure everyone is following safety rules. Ultimately, these kiosks improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, increasing the likelihood that they will come back.

Contact your Clubspeed rep or request a demo here to learn more about all the advantages offered by self-service kiosks.

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