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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Posted by Ana Wieser on 10/30/18 7:22 AM

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, with consumers expecting everything they do on a daily basis to be accessible and achievable on their smartphones and other devices. In fact, American adults spend an average of more than three-and-a-half hours per day on their phones, with 90% of that time spent in apps, according to eMarketer. Businesses who don’t have a mobile app or experience are missing out on the opportunity to reach customers at any time and anywhere.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you need a mobile app:

Increase Customer Engagement

Your service to customers is not limited to the time they spend at your activity center. They may have questions or concerns, or just want to find more information, when they are at home, at work, or just about anywhere else. Offering a way for them to easily reach you via their mobile devices, without having to remember a web address, gives them the ability to communicate and interact with your business on the go.

Boost Promotions

An app is also a direct line of marketing between you and each of your customers. Through your application you can display hours, waivers, online booking options and other important business information, as well as advertise events and special offers. If customers have opted in to receive notifications, you can push these advertisements right to their phone without requiring them to even enter the app.

Build Your Brand

Having your own app means you can host whatever content you want within it. Design the app to match your website and other branding and feature relevant content. Whatever you decide to include, keep your customers in mind -- what kind of information do they want to know? Drawing them in to the app and encouraging them to return with regular content refreshes will grow their relationship with you and develop their loyalty to you while keeping you top of mind.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

Offering an app for your mobile customers puts you ahead of the competition by showing you are open to innovation and provide personal connections to deliver the best customer experiences. If your competitors already have apps, look through their reviews and gather feedback so you know what you can do within your own app to put you at an advantage.

Clubspeed Creates Customized Apps

Clubspeed creates customized, branded mobile apps for our activity center clients on both Android and iOS, allowing them to connect with their customers wherever they are. Learn more here or by contacting us today.

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