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How to Get in Touch, Stay in Touch and Grow your Customer Base

Posted by Julie Dunn on 9/26/19 6:41 AM
Julie Dunn

Sometimes it is the smallest, most basic practices that get overlooked when running your business. When it comes to running an activity center, it’s critical that potential customers can effectively search, view and engage with your brand on the platform of THEIR choice. If your customer searches for your activity center via the internet or social media does your business present a fun, energetic atmosphere with accurate, up-to-date and engaging content? This interaction will likely be their first impression of your business before ever setting foot in your activity center, so make it count. Here is our checklist to convert those searches to paying customers. 


You may be thinking the website is good as is, afterall, maybe you’re located right off that busy highway and your large sign does all the advertising your business needs, right? Wrong! While that primo location surely doesn’t hurt, it’s important to keep in mind that you have an entire audience of potential customers that aren’t driving by your business. The administrative assistant at ACME Corp tasked with planning the next company team-building event, or the mom who is planning a family trip to your neck of the woods and looking for fun things to do, or how about the new couple that moved to the neighborhood and are searching for fun activities in their new town? Don’t overlook the power of your website and the impact it can deliver. Here are 10 things your business website needs to make a big impact.



Did you know you can create a free Google My Business account and get more than just a free business listing? With Google My Business you can take charge of what people see and enhance your business's digital presence. Take advantage of every opportunity to keep your business profile current, accurate and engaging so web visitors can get to know you. Remember, if your business doesn’t show up in the top search results, your competitors are.

  1. ADD PHOTOS: Based on Google’s research, profiles with photos get 30% more calls and 42% more direction requests than those without photos.  
  2. SEO: When customers search for your business on Google they see two things: the top relevant search results for your business and a preview of your Google Maps listing. The opportunity to pick up that type of digital real estate for free should not be overlooked.
  3. BUSINESS INFORMATION: Make sure all of your business info is complete including your website, hours, contact information, your location and links to your social media profiles.
  4. ENGAGE: Visitors have the opportunity to write reviews about your activity center. Take the opportunity to quickly respond to all reviews and express your thanks for positive reviews and address your negative reviews.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all digital outlets with built-in opportunities to attract new business. Remember, this is about potential customers finding you and engaging with you on the platform of their choice. There are tools out there, like Hootsuite or Buffer to help you manage multiple social media platforms in one interface but if you still feel like it’s too much and you need to start small, pick the social media platform that is most relevant to your key demographic. Keep in mind that one quality social media page is better than several that aren’t being maintained. 

  • Respond quickly to comments, reviews and messages
  • Use compelling images
  • Keep your ‘About’ section up to date
  • Announce upcoming events and special promotions
  • Want to increase engagement? Ask for it! Use instructional phrases such as “Tweet us,” or “Tag us”
  • Maintain a consistent cadence of posts to stay top of mind 


Email Marketing & Loyalty Programs

Using an integrated system that includes an automated email marketing solution is key for storing and communicating with your customers on an ongoing basis, afterall, the goal is to generate repeat business. With a solution like Clubspeed, you can send birthday emails, coupons and promotions based on specific criteria you set such as last visit, date of birth, purchase history and more. More importantly, you can automate these tasks to lower your overhead and stay on top of your marketing game with zero effort. Each and every touch point keeps your activity center top of mind to your customers and prospects.


Attracting new customers and increasing the number of return customers requires attention across a variety of different channels, but your digital presence could easily be your most valuable asset. Start with these simple tips for optimizing your brand online and make it easier for potential customers to reach you, your revenue numbers will reveal positive results.


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