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Quick Guide: Using RFID Wristbands in Your Park

Posted by Katy Koop on 3/24/21 9:00 AM

Now more than ever, Family Entertainment Centers are utilizing RFID wristbands not only as “tickets” into the park, but as a way to pay and experience your park in new and exciting ways. From using the bracelets for payments and as tickets to using them to send promotional photos and leaderboards from all the events at the facility, to even tracking the flow of guests in the park— opting into this technology is bringing the FEC experience to the next level.  

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Making Magic with RFID Wristbands

Posted by Lorelei Stephenson on 2/22/21 4:27 PM

Hermione Granger taught us magic can be conjured with just a swish and flick. One turn of the wrist is all you need to procure a delectable treat or step into your next adventure. It’s how wizards casually do the fantastic and it’s a real-world power you can provide your guests, thanks to RFID wristbands

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