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Making Magic with RFID Wristbands

Posted by Lorelei Stephenson on 2/22/21 4:27 PM

Hermione Granger taught us magic can be conjured with just a swish and flick. One turn of the wrist is all you need to procure a delectable treat or step into your next adventure. It’s how wizards casually do the fantastic and it’s a real-world power you can provide your guests, thanks to RFID wristbands

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Increase Revenue by Going Cashless

Posted by Lorelei Stephenson on 2/8/21 12:30 PM

Arcade games are timeless. They continue to delight us well into adulthood and they’ve even earned their own permanent exhibit at the National Museum of Play. Games in nearly any location are always a draw, but for Family Entertainment Centers of all kinds, they’re an absolute win. 

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Topics: Family Entertainment Center, Customer Experience, Arcade Games, cashless cards

Top 5 Ways to Increase your Average Spend per Customer

Posted by Julie Dunn on 2/12/20 12:43 PM

First, crunch the numbers to understand what your current average spend per customer is. If you’re not sure, you can take the figures of a typical day and divide your total sales by the number of customers. Annual numbers are best but this will at least give you a starting point so you can set a goal and work on a strategy. Here are the top 5 methods that require little to no upfront costs to increase your average spend per customer. 

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