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How Leveraging the Right Technology Solutions can Improve Operations

Posted by Julie Dunn on 1/15/20 9:00 AM
Julie Dunn

The largest, most successful adventure parks and attractions venues have always looked to technology to create new and exciting experiences for guests, so why wouldn’t you want to follow the footsteps of those who have already paved the way to success? Let's consider some of the same fundamental tech concepts that can be applied to a family entertainment center (FEC) of any size.

While technology solutions are constantly evolving, they empower us to do more, be innovative and more efficient. Selecting the right software solution for your FEC comes down to its ability to improve the customer experience while addressing your short and long term goals. Here is a list of questions you need to consider in order to determine if your software solution can scale with your business to create the exciting customer experience that will grow loyal customers and drive revenue growth. 

Evaluating your Current Software & Requirements

  • Are you considering all-in-one solutions that address multiple requirements such as:  point of sale, online booking, registration kiosks, waivers, gift cards, loyalty programs, payment processing? 
  • How often is the software updated with new features? You should expect no less than four major updates per year that include new features at no additional cost.
  • Did you choose a software solution simply because it was the least expensive?
  • Can you run customized reports and alerts on key business trends?
  • Does it focus on providing an exceptional experience for guests?
  • Can you access 24/7 support in your language?
  • Is your software solution secure?
  • How does the solution compare to others on the market?
  • Is the pricing predictable?
  • Does it offer the flexibility of an open API for customization and scalability? 
  • Will it future-proof your business and grow with it?
  • Are you too comfortable? Or are you avoiding change?

Selecting the Right Tech Solution for Venue Management

Choosing the right software for your FEC is an important decision, but avoiding change and becoming complacent will only hurt your business in the long run if it isn’t already. Old technology results in inefficiencies, slower systems, a dated guest-experience and less features and functionality. Take a look at our guide if you are considering a switch.

All-in-one solutions are good, but all-in-one solutions like Clubspeed that are focused on creating the ultimate guest experience is what will set your venue apart from the competition and drive success. Ready to learn more about how Clubspeed can help you manage your guest’s experience and take your FEC to a new level, contact us today or schedule a complimentary product tour.

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