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5 Reasons to Implement Contactless Check-in and Payment

Posted by Katy Koop on 3/16/21 9:00 AM

Are you utilizing contactless check-in and payment in your family entertainment center yet? Not only does it limit contact amid COVID-19 restrictions, but in a world that is increasingly more mobile and online— customers crave making experiences more streamlined with contactless payments. 

With check-in and payment available with a couple swipes on their smartphones, it makes experiencing everything that your FEC has to offer less about bulky wallets and waiting in line and more about having fun. At Clubspeed, we work with businesses all around the world to provide solutions designed to create unforgettable guest experiences, increase revenue, improve efficiencies, and streamline operations. As a part of that, we also help FEC’s enact cashless and contactless check-in and payment, whether that’s a part of their FEC’s app, website, or with RFID bracelets. Using this wealth of experience working with businesses to implement these payment systems, we’ve made this quick guide on the benefits of using contactless check-in and payment. 

1. You Can Prioritize Convenience and Your Bottom Line


When customers are able to pay in advance or through a contactless payment system, it is not only convenient for them, but your business as well. Clubspeed can help you recognize more revenue up-front without worrying about no-shows and the inefficiencies and complications that arise with in-person payments.

This will allow you to allocate resources more effectively and make sure that your facility runs more smoothly, ultimately improving the guest’s experience. 

2. Your Guests Are Already Used to Paying in Different Ways 


According to McKinsey’s report on global payments in 2020, “In the first six months of the year, consumers spent $347 billion online with US retailers, up 30 percent from the same period in 2019—corresponding to six times the annualized 2019 growth rate of online retail”. In addition, all forms of electronic peer-to-peer and consumer-to-business payments have been boosted. 

While many users were already using online wallets and services like PayPal or Apple Pay, the use of different electronic payments has grown substantially over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. For work and play, people are already used to using these quick, touchless modes of payment, so adding it to your FEC will make it that much more seamless for them. While some of your patrons may still prefer cash or face-to-face payment, your more connected and mobile-oriented customers will be even more attracted to the convenience of contactless check-in and payment. 

3. It Makes Sanitization and Social Distancing Measures Easier 


In the wake of COVID-19, the ability to limit the number of guests in facilities and keep as many shared surfaces sanitized has been top-of-mind for many FEC’s. When patrons can check-in without touching as many surfaces or interacting with as many buttons, that makes the cleaning process that much easier on your facility. 

In addition, with our real-time scheduling and payments already being processed, you can also gauge how many people will be at certain areas of your facility, and build your cleanliness plan around that. Even if you have kiosks or customers paying in cash at the register, by making sure your more mobile and tech savvy guests can check-in contact-free, the sanitation workflow can be much easier. 

4. You Can Create a Seamless Experience 


Using automatic payments and a digital check in system with your facility makes it less about grabbing your wallet and more about being fully immersed in the experience. As CNBC reports, a study by Harris Group found that 72% of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. Your customers want to experience your FEC without having to rely on staff or having to wait in line. They want to book it online, choose which attractions they want to try, and discover new things. By allowing them to check in, customers can not only feel in control of their experience, but it can feel that much more curated and unique. 

With payment handled, you and your team members can focus on what you do best: help people have fun. 

5. Integrated Technology can Gamify Every Aspect of Your FEC


Just because it’s ticketing and check-ins, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as thrilling as every part of your FEC. Working with businesses all over the world and in a variety of entertainment niches, we’re used to creating systems that are beyond the boilerplate payment and check-in messages. With Clubspeed, we can help you create custom branded apps and RFID bracelets, so even the more mundane parts of entering the facility feel like they’re part of the magic. 

For example, with RFID bracelets and integrated apps, customers can purchase tickets and check-in, but can also get branded promotional photos and videos of the action. This not only encourages customers to use this technology for payment and check in, but allows them to share all of this experience on social media. This helps promote your park and helps customers have fun at every step of the way. Beyond that, using these apps and RFID bracelets for check-in and payment also allow you to access analytics on how customers are checking in, the timestamps on their activities, and their behavior through each part of your facility. 

All of this— from the social media marketing capabilities to gamifying the experience, to even the analytics, can help you bring your FEC’s operations to the next level. 

Ready to Learn More About Our Solutions?

Of course, these are only a couple reasons to consider implementing contactless check-in and payment. No matter what the specific pain-points you have with the management of your FEC, we’re ready to help. Clubspeed is the world’s leading venue management software for Family Entertainment Centers. Our completely integrated solution is specifically designed to drive loyal customers, bolster revenue, streamline operations.

From setting up self-checkout kiosks to integrating new technologies, to adjusting employee training— we're always ready to help businesses right-size solutions tailored for the unique needs of FEC’s. If you’re ready to see if the Clubspeed approach can help with your business, we’d love for you to give it a try with our 90-Day FREE trial. You can learn how we can help you power up your business workflow here.  

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