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Product Roadmap Part II - New Clubspeed Features Coming Q3 & Q4

Posted by Julie Dunn on 9/19/19 7:00 AM
Julie Dunn

Last week we published an article on the latest Clubspeed features that were recently deployed. This week we're excited to share the new improvements our team is working on right now in preparation to deploy before the end of the year.  Our feature updates are a direct reflection of customer requests and we look forward to serving the growing requirements of family entertainment centers we serve worldwide.


MyLaps + de Haardt New Hardware

We are working on integrations to the latest hardware offered by MyLaps and de Haardt in order to deliver the most up to date timing features available. The latest integration also enables remote kart shut down to improve safety concerns.

Calendar Specific Activity Numbers

Your activities in the venue schedule will soon be numbered with a calendar specific precursor. This update will the system so no two activities have the same exact number at the same exact time, mitigating confusion for customers and staff alike. 

3rd Party Video/Picture Integrations

Create a more memorable experience for your visitors with the new photo + video action camera systems. This new integration will provide automated customer videos and photos delivered digitally adding a revenue stream for your business and a priceless memory for your customers.

Print Credit Balance for Customers

Giving your customers the information they want and need is key to running a successful business. It’s not uncommon for your customers to request a printout of their credit balances and soon you’ll be able to deliver. With this update you will be able to print on a receipt the total number of credits they have. If you run multiple activities with multiple credit types, it will break down their balance by credit type. 



Online Group Booking (MVP)

Clubspeed already offers online booking but we are working hard to complete a long awaited feature -online group booking for activity centers. Soon, your business will be able to offer a convenient and easy, online system for group booking, ideal for parties and corporate events.

Multi-Credit System

Soon you will be able to set up a multi-credit system custom to the activities you offer at your center. Setting up and customizing a set of credit types for your different activities will be a breeze.. 

Dark Interface Update

We received many requests to use dark mode over a light user interface and the change is on the way.  We are working on transitioning to our dark mode interface for easy on the eyes usability.

Minor Waiver Flag

Don’t get caught with racers that don’t have signed waivers. This new feature will automatically flag your minors that have recently become adults so you can have them re-sign their waivers as adults. 

Payment Processing Options Worldwide

Clubspeed has already started offering an integrated payment solution allowing our Clubspeed customers to realize the long list of benefits that come from an integrated solution. In Q4 we plan to have new payment options for integrated payments worldwide, for both in-house and online payments..

3DSecure and PSD2 Regulations

With the addition of payment processing we have vastly expanded online payment security options to protect you from fraud and bring your business inline with the most recent regulations, including PSD2.

Autobill Frequency Options

Soon, you will have more options for your autobill agreements with your customers to select daily, weekly monthly, yearly or a certain day of the year for when an autobill is sent.

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