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Boost Efficiency by Going Paperless at Your FEC

Posted by Ana Wieser on 12/20/18 11:37 AM

Does anyone actually enjoy doing paperwork?

While necessary, completing and organizing business and customer information takes up a lot of your and your staff’s time and actually decreases productivity. Luckily, it’s become increasingly easy for businesses to ditch their manual customer data logging for more efficient, easy-to-use, automated data collection via cloud technology.

Keep reading to discover how paperless systems will improve your activity center operations.

Less Time Spent Organizing

Sure, one customer registration form only takes a few minutes to check and file, but think about how many of those forms your front desk staff looks through per day. The time quickly adds up, and during busy periods, they can get backlogged and have to play catch up. With a paperless system, these administrative tasks are automated, collecting and storing customer information -- that comes in either online or in person -- within your system without having to write anything down or filing papers away in a cabinet. Not to mention, you don't have to spend time trying to interpret people's handwriting, ensuring all the information is accurate.

More Time Focused on Customers

When your employees don’t have to sit and look through documents, they are able to focus their attention on giving customers an excellent experience at your center. You likely hired talent based on their personalities and energy, and moving to a paperless process lets them put those traits to good use. When your employees are more engaged and excited about the job, they are less stressed, more productive, and perform better every day.

Improved Security

Working through piles of papers is not only time consuming for staff, it also puts your customers’ information at risk. If a form is left out or misplaced, a guest’s contact or other personal information could get into the wrong hands. When a person self registers digitally via tablet, they are in control of their own data and only they and your staff can access it.

Though it's not fun to think about, in the event of an injury or accident at your park, you may have to go back and find a specific customer waiver or registration. You can have a greater peace of mind knowing you have the ability to easily search and retrieve data if you need it instead of going through hundreds or even thousands of papers.

Increased Profits

With more engaged staff out on the floor interacting with customers, simpler registration and waiver processes, and superior data protection, your activity center guests are bound to have a more enjoyable experience at your location. More fun means more time and money spent at your location and a higher chance of returning to do it all over again.

Additionally, you are likely to find that a digitized, cloud-based operation is more cost-effective, saving you money on paper, pens, printers, physical storage, and other office supplies that add up over time.

What business systems can you digitize to streamline processes and optimize employees’ time at your activity center? Going paperless means you, your employees, and your customers all win. Contact Clubspeed to learn how our software can help you make the transition to a paper-free system.

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