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You Have an App-Now What?

Posted by Ana Wieser on 4/8/19 8:26 AM

We’ve explained the importance of having an app for your business; but it’s not enough to just have an app, you’ve got to ensure it has relevant information that your customers want at all times. Here are a few tips to make sure your app is serving its purpose for customers.

Ensure Consistency with Other Content

Do the hours reflected in your app match the hours featured on your website? What about the contact information? Whether a customer is at your park, on your website at home, or scrolling through your app on the go, the information and experience should all be the same. This also means that colors, designs, and other branding should match.

Update, Update, Update

Taking a “set it and forget it” approach to your app won’t do your business any favors. Mobile users expect immediate, relevant content at all times. If you’ve got an upcoming event, promotion, or a new attraction, promote it on your app. Take a seasonal approach and change content up for different holidays. You can also post helpful guides or related information from third parties. Finally, connect your app to leaderboards so customers can view their standings even when they’re not at your location.

Talk to Customers

If you’re struggling to determine what information you should put on your app or how it can improve, simply ask your customers. Send out a survey within the app or via email to get feedback on what they like about the app, what they don’t like, and what they’d like to see featured moving forward. They are the ideal audience for your app, after all, so understanding their interests will only ensure needs are being met and they feel satisfied with your business. They may also have creative ideas you’d never thought about!

If you have questions or are interested in developing an app, contact Clubspeed. We build custom applications for tracks, parks, and FECs and can help you get started.

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