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Without Kart Timing, You’re Missing Out on Increased Sales

Posted by Ana Wieser on 3/6/19 12:41 PM

Go karts may not be the only activity you offer at your family entertainment center, but they are surely a main attraction for customers to visit. Take your karting up a notch and add a layer of competition with timing technology.

People are inherently competitive; regardless if they are playing in a sports tournament or simply a board game, they want to win. The same goes for go karting; although customers may come to race for fun, they still want to beat their friends, family members and anyone else they are racing against. Why not add a way for them to see how they compare against other racers at your park?

Knowing their race times will encourage customers to return and try to beat their highest score. This can also help increase the average age of your customers as the 16-34 demographic desires a racing and competitive karting experience.

Setting up timing for your karts is easy and has become less expensive over the last 2 years. All it requires is a small piece of hardware called a transponder on each kart, a sector beacon (track loop) that communicates with the transponder and a cloud-based software program to measure and display the results.
Schedule a 15-minute demo to see how it easy to install a timing solution at your park today!

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