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Self-Service Reduces Staff & Improves Efficiency

Posted by Ana Wieser on 2/4/19 8:18 AM

You’ve likely noticed self-service technology appearing in different places you go; restaurants, airports, and malls have all begun offering people the opportunity to check in, make purchases, complete forms, and more on their own without having to wait or interact with a representative. Consumers are expecting to see this technology to continue showing up in the places they go, including your park.

Read more to learn how self-service fulfills customer expectations while helping your bottom line.

Satisfy Customer Expectations

Picture this: your customers arrive at your park, ready to start having fun as soon as possible. Rather than having a line of people congregating at the front of the park waiting to sign in with a staff member, customers register, sign your safety waiver, book activities and purchase food or other products all from a kiosk. They are in control of doing the upfront sign up and form completion, so they can go enjoy the activities more quickly.

Reduce Costs

You likely have several employees who work the front desk at a time. With several tablets set up in the entry of the park, you can reduce the staff needed to get people registered and waivers signed. You still may require one person present to help with customers who may have questions while using the self-service tablet, but in general you won’t need to spend the time it takes to train multiple employees, or the money necessary to keep many employees working at a time.

Improve Efficiency

The time you save training employees to work the front desk can therefore be better spent on more important and effective work: overseeing your park’s activities, keeping an eye on customers and play equipment and making sure everyone is following safety procedures.

Clubspeed’s new self-service kiosk promotes easy operations and saves you money--learn more about it here.


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