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Fight the uncertainty during challenging times by digitizing your entire operation

Posted by Lisa Maree on 6/23/20 10:05 AM

As family entertainment centers open their doors, Clubspeed remains committed to creating fun, safe environments for guests and fellow member team members.

Things have changed. Recent events have left many unanswered questions; as a result, businesses worldwide are scrambling to keep up with ever-changing best-practices specific to their sector. Groups are ready to visit but need reassurance their wellbeing will not be compromised. One thing is certain: building trust between clients and visitors is more important than ever. Following and communicating accepted policies is imperative to overcoming the challenges ahead. Thankfully, Clubspeed is here to help! We've highlighted important guidelines from the CDC and WHO to nurture positive experiences for years to come.

Keep areas clean

Once a client enters the public arena, your family entertainment center must provide ways to maintain their hygiene throughout their entertainment experience. Signs encouraging clients to wash their hands before entrance alongside sanitation stations between each shared device will minimize the spread of germs. Maximizing the use of personal devices instead of shared devices will not only drive profit and efficiency but also drastically increases safety.

Restrict Capacity

Many regions are still recommending, or even enforcing, strict social distancing parameters. In most cases, reservations are used to limit the number of occupants in your venue at one time. Clubspeed’s online booking feature allows guests to review, reserve, and pay for any activity you may offer. This integrated platform digitizes reservations for favorite activities to limit exposure while ensuring more time is spent having fun!


Protect Employees

Your team members likely come in contact with hundreds of individuals each day. Now, more than ever, it is important to do everything you can to keep them healthy and happy. It is quite tricky to manage a large workforce when it is recommended that employees are consistently monitored… not to mention unexpected absences! Let guests digitally view availability, sign waivers, and register with a handy Club Kiosk by your side.


Drive Traffic & Revenue

Although visitors may be slow to return, it is essential to adapt as a modern business. Clubspeed digital solutions maximize profits by adding a new level of fun to the family center experience. Gamification of activities and events is easy using the latest technologies on the market. Track, record, and reward guests with a variety of options. Award programs instill loyalty while RFID simplifies hands-free operations.


Market Experiences

These days, social media is a major force when it comes to marketing products and services. Club Action’s high-definition cameras add a new spin to the variety of activities you have to offer. Capture real-time, live videos that make viewers wish they were part of the action! Participant can watch and relive the action one frame at a time with this exciting addition to any family entertainment center.

Reach out to the helpful, friendly Clubspeed team today!

Here at Clubspeed, we are confident we have the tools to assist our clients in reopening their doors and navigating these challenging times. Our technology will ease the adjustment process and maintain compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines. Together, we will create a safer venue for guests and boost your business in every direction.



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