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Posted by Lisa Maree on 5/24/20 8:00 AM

Introducing Club Kiosk! A solution to catapult family entertainment centers into the 21st-century!

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, self-service kiosks were a powerful tool commonly used to reduce customer wait times, manage inconsistent traffic, and lower payroll costs. We’ve seen examples springing-up all around us. Grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and airports… companies around the globe continue to install self-standing units to facilitate sales. Turns out, they’re onto something! Like many industries, family entertainment centers are increasingly jumping aboard the self-service kiosk bandwagon.

Ready to streamline interactions or procedures essential to your operation? Clubspeed Club Kiosks enables guests to register, sign waivers, view availability, and purchase tickets with the tap of a finger. Each resource-saving device communicates important information and facilitates a variety of actions. Thanks to this groundbreaking technology, Individuals and groups alike have more access to the activities they’ve grown to love. Go-karts, trampolines, laser tag… fun has never been easier with this handy point-of-service companion by your side.

During these turbulent days, it is hard to predict what tomorrow holds for your family entertainment center. Will you have a solid team behind you when your doors open once again? Will guests come flooding back in; or will they come in a trickle? Should you hire employees normally or stagger the entire hiring process? When it comes to issues surrounding revenue and employment, there are simply too many unknowns. Thankfully, Clubspeed’s self-service kiosks are a scalable solution that inherently combats the uncertainty.

Worried about how you’ll get back to business? Now is a great moment to improve the efficiency of your system at all levels. Our digital approach gives you breathing room when it comes time to get back on your feet. Affordable and practical, Clubspeed Club Kiosks offer a better way to run your business. Don’t underestimate the integration of units into day-to-day operations; self-service is the future of family entertainment centers small to large!

We’ll ensure you’ll succeed for years to come via:

  • Around the clock support available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-days per year
  • Single, low monthly payments relieve the burden and ambiguity of maintaining staff
  • A vastly improved guest experience with increased accuracy, reliability, and speed
  • Upsell opportunities nudging customers towards spending more on add-ons or package deals
  • Lowered expenses associated with employment benefits, overtime charges, or training
  • Presale and scheduling options greatly reducing no-shows or delayed payment issues

When it comes to your industry, wait times are the difference between a happy customer and one that rushes home to leave a negative review. In reality, the very appearance of a line is going to hurt business. A New York Times article explains how perceived wait times torture guests; think you should address any perceived inconvenience to visitors? Don’t hesitate, loyal customers who enjoy your premium services are sure to solidify your place at the top!

So, what are you waiting for? Clubspeed is changing how venues facilitate family fun. Club Kiosks are the future of entertainment centers worldwide; don’t be left behind! Why not? The financials are sound, you’ll save money on staff, and generate more revenue from guests. Shorter lines and more time for family fun means visitors will walk away happier than ever.

Ready to bring your family entertainment center into the 21st-century? Click HERE to initiate your self-service kiosk request today!



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