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Quick Guide: POS 3 Ways

Posted by Katy Koop on 3/30/21 9:00 AM

Every FEC is unique, so the way different businesses approach payment and POS can depend on your business's unique needs. From tabletop to portable, to mobile and online ordering— people are used to booking and ordering products in different ways. As Pew Research reports, Americans were already spending upwards of $350 billion annually online, using online booking and services only increased in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in Shopify’s study on some of the new trends in 2020, 52% of buyers reported that they’ve shifted more of their spending online during the pandemic. As restrictions lessen and more people start seeking out entertainment venues again, people will likely expect to be able to purchase with just as much ease as they were while sheltering in place. 

That’s why it’s important to consider how you should tailor your POS to meet those needs. Whether you choose to primarily do tabletop and a few kiosks, kiosk and mobile check-in, or any combination of systems— it’s important to have an understanding of each POS workflow. 

With that in mind, we’ve made this guide to various POS systems to help you decide what works for your facility. 

Tabletop and Kiosks


You’re probably already familiar with selling tickets, activity packages and more from the front desk. With Clubspeed, we work with FEC’s all around the world on their POS systems, so that their team workers can do the best work possible. Helping customers, your team members can complete registration, book events, schedule activities, sell merchandise, sell gift cards, log food items, and more all through our system. 

If you would like to use a self-serve kiosk in addition to your front desks, with Club Kiosk, our user platform not only looks great, but also can cut wait time for employees and guests alike. We can help you choose the kiosk that best fits your brand and budget, all with a wide variety of hardware and touchscreen options allow adaptability. This allows you to sell what you want with a completely customizable interface. 

Portable POS


Across industry, seeing customer service team members with little more than a tablet and a card reader has become common. In fact, According to ConnectPOS, throughout 2020 the mobile POS transaction value is $1,017,982 million, with 54% of businesses utilizing mobile POS to process transactions. For stores using mobile POS systems in particular, the same study reported that 79% of them are small and mid-sized brands with sales less than $10 million, while 21% of them are large enterprises. No matter the size or type of business, adding mobile or portable POS can pay off. 

Allowing your team members to be mobile allows them to meet and help customers wherever they are in the facility. If it makes sense to have team members distributed throughout your FEC and not confined to a desk, using a Portable POS system can be ideal. In addition, these mobile systems can also support having customizable reporting and real time status updates of the park. That way, if something goes wrong or needs attention, your employees can act fast. 


Mobile and Online Ordering 


While many facilities offer activities to walk-in customers, many patrons appreciate the ability to quickly and easily book their activities online at their convenience. In addition, you can manage all your onsite and online bookings in one easy-to-operate platform. We can also help you in creating a mobile app with your FEC. We can provide a reliable mobile presence with our customizable mobile app, which allows customers to view race results, online booking, QR membership code, live scoreboard, leaderboards, and more. 

In addition, you can connect a membership program, giftcards, and even unique experience through mobile or online booking. That way, if they prefer to book on the go, you can also get more revenue. 

Want to Make Some Changes with Your POS System?

Of course, this is just an overview of different POS systems we help FEC’s with every day. We’ve been working with businesses all over the world to cultivate experiences and create systems to work for their specific needs. From setting up self-checkout kiosks to integrating new technologies, to adjusting employee training— we're always ready to help businesses right-size solutions that meet their most profound business challenges. If you’re ready to see if the Clubspeed approach can help your family entertainment center, we’d love to give you a tour with our live demo. You can learn how we can power up your business here.  

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