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Ten great benefits of SaaS in restaurants

Posted by Lisa Maree on 11/16/20 8:00 AM

Food and drink are essential to the comfort of guests; learn how Clubspeed takes the customer service experience to the next level!

Restaurants of the past once used outdated, on-site POS systems to manage orders, keep track of employees, and log purchases. Today, however, restaurants employ advanced SaaS strategies to achieve a variety of complex tasks or goals. Clubspeed is an all-in-one approach to family entertainment, food and drink, and venue management. Now is a great time to bring your operations into the 21st-century; let’s explore the advantages of the Clubspeed system!


Quick setup

With an obsolete POS system, hardware needs to be ordered before a scheduled IT professional arrives for installation. Equipment, server, and software needs to be set up before your staff is trained to use the new platform. The Clubspeed system handles everything in one all-inclusive package!

Minimal investment

Instead of investing in several costly POS kiosks around your establishment, you could turn to a single SaaS platform with extremely low overhead. Discover one low-cost system that will save you money when it comes time to get down to business.


An outdated POS system makes you responsible for regular maintenance and upgrades. The additional costs of hiring the assistance of IT professionals throughout an establishment’s lifespan. Thankfully, Clubspeed technicians are always available to improve your system every step of the way!

Customer satisfaction

In contrast to aging point of sale systems, Clubspeed strives to improve the guest experience throughout your entire restaurant. We continuously troubleshoot to maintain efficiency and maintain the user-experience.

Global access

An effective SaaS platform allows users to log into the system via any internet connection. The days of calling in to check on team members are over! Whether on vacation or sick at home, you can analyze traffic and sales with the touch of a finger.

Improved Security

A POS system has limited storage leaving customer data much more susceptible to malicious attacks. A cloud-based server, such as Clubspeed, provides unlimited storage and higher encryption processes to protect data.

High adaptability

SaaS platforms are designed to make changes to your system with ease. If you want to add a special to your menu, this can be done in minutes, and syncs in real-time to all of your devices. Sound better than an entire system reboot required by many on-premise POS systems?  

Quick recovery

If your system doesn’t crash or fail then there is no need to stress about losing data. Most platforms, however, come with a slew of issues only solvable via IT professionals. Clubspeed’s cloud-based interface makes it easy to transfer data and use the software on healthy devices.

Ease of use

With an on-site POS system, employees generally require a fair amount of training. Clubspeed’s intuitive web-based interface allows team members to jump right into the action without highly specialized training.

Want to learn how Clubspeed can add value to your bar or restaurant? Reach out to a friendly, talented team today!

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