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How to choose the perfect software for your family entertainment center

Posted by Lisa Maree on 10/26/20 8:00 AM

There is a lot your company can gain from technology; do you know what software solution is best for your venue?

Long gone are the days of traditional paper records and phone bookings; the digitization of processes is changing how companies of all varieties operate day-to-day. Are you ready to take a step towards a more effective and efficient system? The approach you take will determine whether your longevity as a business; don’t worry, we’re ready to help! Clubspeed is here to lend a bit of advice when it comes time to bring your organization into the 21st-century.

Ready to boost your business? Clubspeed’s dynamic approach to family entertainment is turning heads; learn more about a range of services bringing new value to operations worldwide!

Today, most companies run multiple systems to manage a variety of tasks. Clubspeed has created a software solution that seamlessly integrates with current methods to add value and sustainability to your family entertainment center! We show you how to lower overhead and improve the guest's overall experience. Less wait time equals more fun for guests; keep them coming back for more and watch profits skyrocket!

Online booking and ticketing are easier than ever with Club Kiosk; finally, you can say goodbye to those slow-moving lines inherent to any popular venue. A more convenient way to serve is finally here! The Clubspeed system relieves dependence on outdated cash or over-the-phone payments. Visitors can purchase or recharge credit with a single, cashless click. Customizable payment plans provide endless upsell opportunities when it comes to settling the bill. 

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is a revolutionary advancement that lends a new level of accessibility to facilities. Cashless wallet wristbands, contactless entries, membership points… anything is possible with this amazing tech at your side. Further gamification of karts, mini-golf, trampolines, laser tag, and more make this a great way to stand out from the competition. With assistance from our team, your guests will already be planning their next visit the moment they walk out of the gate. 

Clubspeed Action's high-definition cameras shed a fresh lens on the variety of activities you offer. Guests will be able to watch and relive the moment one frame at a time with this exciting addition! Best yet, photos and videos can be shared via social media with the tap of a finger. Organic growth through followers is essential to getting ahead. With our support, you’ll see viewers around the globe tune into the action and start planning their very own visit.

The Clubspeed system’s ability to automate reporting gives you the advantage in the development and execution of strategy. Review results, cash flow, and customer demographics to optimize processes and operations. Preventative maintenance will help you minimize upkeep, increase safety, and ensure you’ll be around for many years to come! Setup custom reward programs and turn visitors into loyal, diehard fans. Consistent members will love the bonuses coming to their directions! ProSkill loyalty points, gifts, and special packages are just a taste of what is in store. 

Have a specific need or concern? We’re always innovating here at Clubspeed and we would love to hear from you! We will continue to enhance our software and provide the best possible platform in the family entertainment center industry! Visit our website to find out how Clubspeed can benefit your company today.


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