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Three reasons why you should upgrade your FEC's liability waiver right now!

Posted by Lisa Maree on 1/25/21 9:15 AM

New challenges demand innovation; stay ahead of the pack with Clubspeed’s digitized approach to family fun!

Every family entertainment center prioritizes the health and safety of its guests, particularly during the challenging times we collectively face. Considering our present situation, Clubspeed understands you may be scrambling to better provide your service to the communities you serve.

Unsure how to get started? It is a great idea to familiarize yourself with information available for local medical organizations and authorities. In addition, institutions such as the WHO and CDC have a wealth of information ready to get you on track.

When restrictions are lifted, your family entertainment center will need to welcome guests back safely. The wellbeing of visitors and team members alike is at stake… meaning an effective liability waiver becomes more important than ever. Thankfully, Clubspeed is here to keep you up to date! Here’s why you need to get on top of this critical document today!

Accessibility issues

Time to say goodbye to your standard ticket booth; a better way to serve is finally here! A Club Kiosk lowers overhead, better manages customer flow, and improves the overall guest experience. In cooperation with all other onsite efficiencies, Clubspeed’s new waiver system delivers an accurate and easy way to sign up guests. Digital waivers and schedules are more efficient as human error is nearly eliminated. Cashless options get you paid faster and gives your guests more time to enjoy your family entertainment center. Further integration of RFID technology adds accessibility to your entire facility through contactless, cashless wallet wristbands.


Inefficient scheduling

Displayed on Club Kiosk or personal device, Clubspeed's user platform looks amazing and cuts wait time for employees and guests! Our system enables guests to register, sign waivers, view availability, and purchase tickets with the tap of a finger. With Clubspeed’s waiver interface, guests can fill out waivers online only using their information. Each resource-saving move communicates essential information to facilities and allows you to act where needed. Everything is easily entered into your database, saving both parties time and energy. Watch as you spend less time on the phone or at the ticket booth while patrons experience your venue in its entirety.

Lack of options

Our system alleviates reliance on outdated cash or over-the-phone payments. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, individuals and groups have better access to the products and services they've grown to love. Customers can log onto Clubspeed’s online booking system at any time of the day with a click. But that’s not all. Ample upsell or upgrade options become instantly available alongside a variety of customer loyalty rewards. With these great additions to your venue, you’ll ensure highly valued guests will be flowing in the door throughout the year.

Now is the time to improve the family entertainment center experience through online booking and digitized waivers. Clubspeed’s integrated solutions keep guests safe and protects you from any potential legal issues. If you haven't explored your options, then find out more information on our website or by contacting a friendly Clubspeed team member. Together, we’ll ensure you have the tool you need to succeed for many years to come!

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