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Four customer experience insights your FEC should care about

Posted by Lisa Maree on 1/18/21 8:00 AM

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In today's marketplace, there are always companies offering almost identical services or products. With so many choices, consumers regularly find it difficult to make an educated selection. One fundamental way to set yourself apart from the competition is to pay attention to the direct needs of customers. A recent Forbes article shows that 83% of companies who are dedicated to creating a positive customer experience are benefiting from revenue growth. A thorough analysis of data will give you everything you need to go above and beyond the expectations of those you serve. Check out these valuable pieces of insight to better understand your choices. 

82% of consumers are taking the time to read and compare online reviews before deciding which company to go with. You’ll want to do your best to ensure those reviews are positive, reflecting your standards and value as a business. A clear, concise website is a great way to display reviews or testimonials on your terms. Make it a priority to update and monitor all social media outlets your customer may use, such as Facebook, Google, etc. Don’t be afraid to add colorful images, videos, and written content; potential guests always love to see it what is in store!

The average consumer spends an average of 13.45 minutes reading online reviews. This relatively brief period means you must capture the attention of potential guests within ten seconds before they click away. Don’t rely only on flashy ads to attract attention! Meaningful testimonials from fellow patrons will give the public a good idea of your venue and services. Once they have a full understanding of the unique experience ahead, visitors will be more willing to book tickets to attractions. 

A whopping 97% of consumers take into consideration the response to a review. Every company strives for its customer experience to be positive; bad reviews, however, happen regardless of how hard you try. As a result, it is important to acknowledge a guest’s honest review, be sure to reach out to them and encourage an open discussion via private message. This will demonstrate to those who may read the review that you are taking action to address any specific issues. Perhaps, your response can even highlight some of the changes your facility has already made.

Companies that are leaders in customer experience outperform all others by nearly 80%. Not every guest is going to go online to write an official review of their experience. So how do we internally measure your efforts as a family entertainment center? Think about setting up a system to keep track of customers while logging key guest experience data. For example, incentives can be set up to encourage guests to post on social media or like your Facebook page all of which can be used by team members to monitor activity throughout the venue. In addition, exclusive discounts can be offered on future visits if a survey is completed. 


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