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Three things you can do today so your FEC’s online sales come back strong

Posted by Lisa Maree on 1/11/21 8:15 AM

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These days, virtually every business is focusing on what they can do to bounce back from being closed. People around the world are at home; likely spending the majority of their time online exploring fun things to do once safe. Do you have the family entertainment center options these folks crave? Discover a few ways to ensure your FEC’s online sales come back stronger than ever. Don’t worry, your venue will stay atop the game alongside Clubspeed!

Engage potential visitors' interests online to remind them fun awaits

Use this downtime to understand who you’re trying to reach. If you aren't already using targeted marketing, then maybe it is time to start. Our system automatically piques the interest of new visitors and preserves memorable experiences of longtime followers. With Clubspeed software, emails are automatically generated to reach any audience. Reach more guests by holding online venue-centered events such as giveaways, photo contests, and more.


Focus your digital marketing efforts to reach a worldwide audience

It's no secret that the current crisis has been hard on the pocketbook; people, however, are not going to stay home forever! Many will be on the lookout for great ways to stretch the family dollar. Think of better ways to entice guests back into your facility or venue through a variety of exclusive deals. Encourage loyalty through membership points, rewards, and entry to private events. Create package deals that include an array of entertainment opportunities at a reasonable price. An online two-for-one admission promotion will get people through the door and presents ample upsell opportunities.


Tell guests what you’re doing to protect their safety during a visit

As antsy as people are to get out of the house, they will remain mindful of their wellbeing. It is essential to let your visitors know what you’ve done concerning new safety regulations in your region. Automated online posts, newsletters, and emails are a great way to quickly speak to a broad audience. Update your website, perhaps even adding a new page, to give potential guests confidence when booking online. Consider adding a new feature to your website that tracks the busiest time of day, so guests are more likely to book when you're slow.

One thing is for sure; the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging modern FEC's to evolve at a faster rate than ever before. Think you’ve got what it takes to get through these difficult times? Thankfully, Clubspeed is here to streamline your operation with digitized software solutions. We improve how you manage systems and facilities. In addition, Clubspeed lets you better reach the audiences you serve. Using a thorough understanding of the market, we are here to drive revenue, minimize overhead, and grow your business.

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