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Your FEC’s next steps: rethinking your facility management approach

Posted by Lisa Maree on 1/4/21 8:00 AM

Operating a business during the COVID-19 pandemic challenges us to rethink how we're used to doing things. Clubspeed is here to envision your family entertainment center thriving in a new world of safety concerns and regulations. Our software offers a variety of tools to modify management practices and better serve the community you love. We come up with creative, digital solutions to keep your FEC attractive and exciting to guests, all while putting their safety first. Let’s look at a handful of areas Clubspeed can help improve; with our help, you’ll be able to Five steps to take now to prepare to reopen your FEC or amusement park

Even though the uncertainty of life can be overwhelming, it Is a large part of how we handle our fears that will help determine our future success. Right now, most businesses and staff are working through the night to create a better guest experience. Rest assured, Clubspeed knows what it takes to stay on top of the ever-competitive family entertainment center industry. We’re always looking for fresh ways to increase traffic, boost revenue, and encourage growth. We are more than happy to help your FEC successfully open to the public once again; but first, let’s review a few steps to help you reopen. These tips will put you in a great position when it comes time to welcome guests.


Review potential changes

You’re probably being flooded with new ideas, advice, and pointers right now as businesses strive to get on top of the situation. It’s more important than ever to understand your value to the community and how you can continue the trend for years to come. Take the opportunity to dig deep into your company, identify your goals, and develop a plan fit for your specific missions. With Clubspeed, you can monitor your revenue and activities to reveal areas where your business could improve.


Familiarize yourself with data

In most cases in business, it can feel as if there isn’t really much time to review your results effectively. Now, more than ever is an excellent time to become more familiar with the information you’re receiving. Get a firm hold on valuable guest insight such as geography, age, income, preferences, and more. Discover popular attractions or identify where your company may be losing money. Use these insights to set new goals while preparing for whatever is thrown your way; you’ll increase both revenue and profitability before you know it!


Rethink your food and beverage

Concessions can be a messy business, even without a pandemic! Review your current food concept, practices, and safety precautions. Understand which food items are working the best and which should be cut from the menu. Think about things like ease of service, ingredient availability, item popularity, and potential for profit. Find out if it makes sense to develop a new concept or if you need to make minor changes to what you already have to boost your sales.


Make a plan of action

Plan your recovery as if you’re opening your business for the first time. Prepare for the unexpected by following region-specific health guidelines that pertain to your area. Now is a great opportunity to address issues you’d otherwise never have time to address. Point of sale, staff training, upsell opportunities, marketing… there are many factors to consider; be sure you stay on top of each and every one!


Find a reliable software solution

The fact is traditional ways of doing things too often stand in the way of success. Have a look at your current system; decide whether it is making you money or hindering your growth. The Clubspeed team improves the guest and owner experience by organically strengthening customer loyalty while simultaneously increasing revenue. Online booking ensures you know who is coming to visit and provides ample upsell opportunities.

Ready to learn more? Clubspeed is here every hour of the day to provide you with what your family entertainment center needs to thrive. Contact us to begin your path towards success!

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