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How to choose karting software for your family entertainment center

Posted by Lisa Maree on 12/28/20 8:00 AM

Clubspeed’s integrated system is here to improve the guest experience and streamline operations


An automated software solution is a great way to improve your go-karting venue in a variety of ways. The Clubspeed system offers ample opportunity to build excitement around events, expand your customer base, and drive growth in all directions. Our specialists are ready to create a tailor-made approach to fit the unique needs of your raceway.

Explore a range of Clubspeed advantages as you strive to revolutionize your business. Twists and turns of the track will never be the same with the latest in karting technology on your side!


Live streaming mode
This cart-based data logging system keeps spectators around the globe in the action. This innovation enables the live transmission of real-time data to guests and your team. Relevant, fun, or even critical information is available as soon as it happens; lap times, RPMs, temperature, speed, steering… this smart tech keeps you and guests up-to-date with all the most important info!


Radio-frequency identification Clubspeed is the first to offer RFID technology in cooperation with go-karting operations of any size. You can now track karts as they span the course to collect ad analyze any relative data that will help boost the racing experience. Keep your eye on details such as driving techniques, inefficiencies, and nose-to-nose finishes. With the data on your side, you’ll be able to spot issues in your setup.


Cart safety Keeping up with day-to-day safety checks is essential to ensuring the wellbeing and loyalty of your guests. Check critical components with a click to review any areas that may need a bit of improvement. A full histogram of kart activity, maintenance, and more keeps you on top of this all too important factor. More fun will be had knowing guests and team members are riding risk-free.

Leagues and events Clubspeed allows you to create exciting, shareable experiences for racing fans worldwide. Add as many members, accounts, and drivers to any race via individual personal devices owned by guests. Large competitions pit drivers against each other in a high-octane, hair-raising sprint to the finish line! Account information is geared to meet the specific needs of racers and team members alike.


Rewards system The gamification of your go-kart track not only gives drivers a fresh look at racing but also encourages them to come back. Following each race, participants can track their progress and compare results with friends and family. An attractive point system can be linked to a variety of awards or discount opportunities, organically inspiring brand loyalty.


Clubspeed is ready to bring our innovative approach to your beloved family entertainment center. We seamlessly merge 21st-century technology with your operation via high-performance hardware and top-quality support. Thanks to the Clubspeed team, racers can relish in the world of motorsports like never before! Join us in our pursuit of a premium experience; take it from us, your guest and bottom-line will thank you for taking the jump.

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