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Your FEC’s next steps: rethinking your facility management approach

Posted by Lisa Maree on 10/12/20 8:00 AM

Operating a business during the COVID-19 pandemic challenges us to rethink how we're used to doing things. Clubspeed is here to envision your family entertainment center thriving in a new world of safety concerns and regulations. Our software offers a variety of tools to modify management practices and better serve the community you love. We come up with creative, digital solutions to keep your FEC attractive and exciting to guests, all while putting their safety first. Let’s look at a handful of areas Clubspeed can help improve; with our help, you’ll be able to streamline your operation and drive profit in no time!


Control capacity

In order to ward off the potential outbreak of COVID-19, most areas have instituted maximum capacity limits much lower than what we are used to. If not as many people can be in an establishment at once then this could of course translate to lower profit. Use Clubspeed’s online booking system to better manage admissions, attractions, and perhaps even refreshments. Market this approach so guests can focus entirely on fun rather than worrying about long lines. They’ll fit in more activities with less time and money spent unnecessarily by you.

Limit interaction

To promote social distancing, we want to maximize opportunities to technologically perform duties for us whenever possible. Clubspeed’s online booking not only gives you secure revenue in advance, but it can also manage staffing requirements. You’ll still probably want to cater to walk-ins; therefore, the Club Kiosk POS system allows guests to register for activities, sign waivers, pay, even set up their cashless RFID wristband. The frontal location of the system is the perfect place for signs reminding guests of safe behavioral practices such as social distancing and hand washing. Your facility could even provide sanitation stations, masks, or gloves to lend further confidence to guests!

Manage events

People have been cooped up. When it is deemed safe enough to get out, people will be ready to enjoy each other's company in the exciting atmosphere of your family entertainment space. Event spaces and party rooms may need to be reconfigured to accommodate new social distancing requirements. You will want to reimagine what is included in an event package to manage traffic flow and offer upsell opportunities. Dedicating one host to a group event will give the guests a more personalized experience and allows operators to monitor social distancing and sanitizing efforts throughout each visit.

Automated software is the future of many industries… including the realm of family entertainment centers. For a business to thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to demonstrate our capacity to adapt our management strategies. The flexibility of the Clubspeed system will make it easy for you to stay on top of your business. Together, we’ll reinvent every aspect of your old, outdated system. As operations are streamlined, you’ll see profit soar as overhead drops. Speak to the talented, friendly Clubspeed team to take an exciting step into the future today!

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