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Five operator insights to help you reopen your FEC or amusement park

Posted by Lisa Maree on 12/14/20 8:00 AM

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Technological advances create new, dynamic options once unimaginable. As family entertainment centers around the world strive to reopen, the real test begins. We have observed many companies who are excited to welcome guests to their facilities; to do that successfully, however, you must first learn the basics. Here is insight from those who’ve worked alongside the Clubspeed team to add value to their venue. The owner of a popular indoor-outdoor facility that includes miniature golf, karts, batting cages, and rides is ready to share his experience. Here are a few tips from him to get you on the right track.


Open when you are ready

For the initial part of their reopening plan, the venue owner resumed mini-golf course activity. This first step enabled the family entertainment to try out a new approach while adjusting to new state guidelines. With the help of Clubspeed, they were able to install a system that allowed them to stay in-line with every-changing WHO and CDC policy.

Invest in a reliable system

The type of system you have controlling your FEC can either make or break your business. At first, this operator had invested in a cheap off-the-shelf POS system; which wasn't a bad idea in his effort to upgrade the business. After a while, however, the company began to face technical issues during periods of high traffic. Clubspeed helped customize a state-of-the-art custom system for them, which met every one of the venue’s specific needs.

Stay in touch with customers

Given the current times, things change fast and you need to be ready for anything! In our operator’s case, it was always a hassle to keep guest information up-to-date. Contact numbers, registration, waivers… the paperwork was overwhelming the venue’s more traditional system. Clubspeed’s automated approach made it easier than ever for their team to keep on top of the direct needs of visitors.

Ensure guest safety

Before people come out of their homes and flock into your family entertainment center, they’ll want to know that their security isn't at risk. Remember, one simple bad comment or review could affect your business' integrity over the long-term! Clubspeed helped the operator find prime spots around their FEC to set up sanitation stations, put up signs, and post health reminders for guests.

Reassess your goals

Working with Clubspeed, the family entertainment center was prepared to open and take challenges on day-to-day. Goals were set for the company including attractions, revenue, services, opening hours, and more. Using Clubspeed’s innovative system, they could see what's working and what needed adjustment. As a result, revenue increased significantly while overhead dropped.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how Clubspeed has benefited this particularly family entertainment center operator. Our skilled and friendly team is here to do the same for you! To find out more about our company, visit our website or contact us today!

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