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Five inspiring tips to help your amusement park thrive

Posted by Lisa Maree on 12/7/20 8:00 AM

In light of challenges ahead, Clubspeed is here to drive company growth for years to come!

Entertainment centers often serve as the backbone of communities worldwide. Here family and friends gather to celebrate life in a variety of ways. From thrilling rides to interactive activities, there is always a bit of something for everyone! Large gatherings and highly trafficked areas, however, are difficult these days. Game controls, tokens, cash, countertops… shared surfaces can scare away guests regardless of how many precautions you take. Given recent events, Clubspeed understands the efficiency and effectiveness of your FEC is more important than ever. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few proactive ways to help your business thrive given the obstacles standing in the way. Let’s explore a few strategies that will give you an edge against the competition.

Gamification of activities

Want to take it up a level? Gamification of event and activities will keep people flowing into your venue like never before. Create exciting experiences that participants can share live with people in every corner of the globe. Live scoring, dynamic leaderboards, in-game displays, and emailed results keep visitors coming back for more throughout the year. Each experience organically drives interest to further ensure success.

Contactless payment

Paper money is well known to be dirty; without a doubt, it is an easy way to pass germs and infections. Integrate RFID technology to add accessibility to your entire facility via cashless wallet wristbands, membership IDs, credit passes, and more. The Clubspeed system alleviates reliance on outdated cash or over-the-phone payments. This means your visitors spend less time in line or on the phone and more time having fun in your park!

Clean practices

Washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitizer is an efficient way to minimize the risk of contracting any illness. It is a good idea to set up sanitization stations throughout your facility, all entry points, arcade sections, or entrance, and exit. It’s impossible to keep your hands 100% germ-free. A reduced number of shared surfaces means happier, healthier, and safer guests; as a result, they’ll be much more likely to return.

Automated reporting

Dynamic automated reporting uncovers trends or areas for improvement essential to ongoing operation and growth. We can send an email alert when you hit a certain amount of hourly sales or racers. Further review results to uncover costs and other burdens associated with managing your collection of vehicles or rides. Preventative maintenance will help you minimize upkeep and increase the safety of your guests.

Ready to grow your company the Clubspeed way? You are in the business of providing fun for your customers; these recommendations will improve the entire customer experience. In addition, your guests and community will appreciate the level of care you offer. Visit our website to discover more helpful tips or to submit any questions or concerns.

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