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How to cut costs in your FEC or amusement park

Posted by Lisa Maree on 11/23/20 8:00 AM

Take an automated approach to maximizing revenue and reducing overhead with Clubspeed!

Clubspeed knows the world of family entertainment isn’t all fun and games. Take note, there are several things essential to business growth that transcend daily operations on the ground.
Vigorous reporting, in-depth analytics, and real-time strategy development matter when it comes down to the bottom line. Independent to multi-location franchises have a lot to gain from advanced SasS software. Clubspeed’s goal is to help you run smarter and more efficient than ever before. One comprehensive platform gives you everything you need to reach your full potential as an FEC or amusement park. Marketing, investor engagement, and further expansion requires business intelligence; let our team offer a customizable system that puts you on top!

Steady sales

When it concerns issues such as revenue and employment, there are many unknowns surrounding the future of your business. The Clubspeed platform is a scalable solution that inherently combats uncertainties found within small to large businesses alike. This all-in-one platform ensures you stay on top of everything coming in and going, giving you an edge against the competition.

Dynamic reporting

This Clubspeed helps uncover trends, patterns, and areas for improvement essential to the ongoing operational growth. Communication is key as we send an email alert when you hit a certain level of hourly sales, volume, or another threshold. Further review results to understand costs and other burdens associated with managing your family entertainment center.

Guidelines and goals

Rules, directions, and standards are set for a reason; Clubspeed is here to add a new level of safety to your operation! Make a point of always following manufacturers' recommendations pertaining to the wellbeing guests and team members. The livelihood and longevity of your park will be inherently be boosted thanks to our integrated approach.

Reliable subcontractors

Third-party vendors are an extension of your establishment; they must show your values every step of the way. Make sure to establish healthy relationships with partners in the field of family entertainment to better serve guests. Take time to understand how they work, train your staff correctly, and maintain all equipment regularly.

Monitor activities

We highly recommend you measure efficiency and cost of every attraction within your beloved family entertainment center. Gauge which elements are driving business and which are standing in your way. You’ll likely find there are a few places where you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary overhead without an adequate profit.

Cut costs with the automated, integrated Clubspeed approach. Boost overall revenue, drive traffic, and expand indefinitely with our savvy team on your side. Find out more by contacting our talented, friendly team today!

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