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Five ways your current point of sale software is hurting your amusement park

Posted by Lisa Maree on 8/25/20 10:38 AM

For generations, venues have relied on the traditional cash registers and ticket booths to complete daily tasks. Nowadays, however, modern lifestyles require a faster, more reliable approach!

Point of sale systems have brought relief to companies of all shapes and sizes. Fast, adaptable, and able to keep up with high demand, today’s POS software digitizes how we do business each day. Certainly, this technology has definitive advantages but it could also be the reason your family entertainment center is struggling. Let’s explore a few issues holding your current back!

Lack of accessibility

An off-the-shelf POS system on a tablet isn’t a bad way to upgrade your business. Solutions purchased at ‘big-box’ stores, while less expensive, may however ultimately cost you more money and time at the end of the day. Before choosing a system, you may need to find out what best suits your specific venue. Thankfully, Clubspeed is here to customize state-of-the-art user interfaces to meet every unique need.


User Error

Like any new feature added to your business, there will be certain employees who struggle to use new tools for their full capability. Our team at Clubspeed not only provide you with the system but also install it on-site and offer training to all the employees within your company. You’ll know exactly how to utilize every feature found on the platform. By taking the time to train your employees, your venue is posed ready to take on any challenge ahead.


Inaccurate reporting

Meet one of the main enemies of a large business. Managing, analyzing, and transferring large sets of data is a challenge for any organization, regardless of who or what you are. Thankfully, Clubspeed’s automated system is a worthwhile investment due to its precise and accurate nature. Don’t cheat your operation with inferior platforms; the benefits of this advanced POS system will make your life easier for years to come.


Create a strong social media presence

In these modern times, social media plays a major role in spreading information to customers worldwide. Simply put, this breakthrough technology is proven to be an effective sales and marketing tool. Advancements such as Club Action’s High-Definition cameras allow guests to share the action in real-time and save it for later. These often-hair-raising presentations drive viewers at home to join or return to the fun.


Power and technical issues

We all have had days when nothing seems to go right; not to mention, nowadays stability is as important as ever. As a result, there always needs to be a back-up plan when it comes to customer transactions and scheduling. This factor is especially important when attending to business during particularly busy intervals. What’s yours? Clubspeed’s comprehensive, integrated system ensures you don’t miss a beat should something go wrong.


Security breaches

A breach of the personal data of one customer is all it takes to ruin the good name of your family entertainment center. Cybersecurity is a critical component to consider, especially when dealing with sensitive info such as customer’s credit cards! Don’t allow a greedy, malicious actor hacker to destroy the company you have worked so hard to build. Chose to invest in a quality POS system with your goals and interests in mind.


Still unsure if your POS is right for you? Learn how we can help your family entertainment center boost revenue, drive traffic, improve the guest experience, and so much more!

Clubspeed specialists are on-hand to address any specific questions or concerns that may arise.



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