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Finding family entertainment center success during uncertain times

Posted by Lisa Maree on 7/6/20 2:09 PM

Five proactive Clubspeed ways to ensure your venue thrives for many years to come

As family entertainment centers strive to reopen in wake of recent events, Clubspeed has solutions for locations of all shapes and sizes. The safety of guests and staff remains a priority as we lend a 21st-century approach to fun. Our helpful considerations are designed to give operators a plan of action regardless of the challenges ahead. Please note, it is extremely important to closely follow any guidelines provided by local officials. Explore these great ideas to learn how you can better reach your customers when they return.


Communicate with guests and staff

It is essential to maintain a clear line of communication with guests and staff throughout any crisis. To reopen, operators must have systems in place to relay important information in an accurate and timely manner. Clubspeed's digital payment and scheduling system eliminates human error standing in the way. In addition, our system shows trends and areas for improvement to help with the growth of your company.


Train and protect team members

Revised operating procedures require family entertainment centers to take extra care of staff. Customized training and tutorials will make them aware of the new set of responsibilities they must take on. Working alongside Clubspeed, your team will be ready to rise to the occasion. Manage people, sign waivers, and register guests easier than ever before; maintaining the ultimate fun and safe experience is the goal!


Integrate self-screening methods

Self-screening methods for guests and employees should be promoted and facilitated by your venue. As part of screening efforts, facilities must promote regular hand washing for guests and employees. Information regarding signs and symptoms will maintain the safety of ourselves and those around us Sanitization stations throughout your venue instills a sense of confidence, ensuring they’re able to focus on the fun!


Create a strong social media presence

In these modern times, social media plays a major role in spreading information to customers worldwide. Simply put, this breakthrough technology is proven to be an effective sales and marketing tool. Advancements such as Club Action’s High-Definition cameras allow guests to share the action in real-time and save it for later. These often-hair-raising presentations drive viewers at home to join or return to the fun.


Make yourself stand out from the crowd

The Clubspeed system gives you a great edge over the competition. Gamification of events, competitions, leaderboards, awards… the sky is the limit working with our talented team! Use of our online booking system and RFID reduces overhead while eliminating contact points that may jeopardize the health of others. Set up a loyalty point or rewards system to ensure one-time guests turn into lifetime followers.


Clubspeed is committed to providing the tools necessary to reopen their doors and overcoming these difficult times. Our system provides you with peace of mind while adjusting to rapidly changing times. Following this quick guide, operators can focus on the larger issues facing their business. Best of luck; we here to support you in any way possible. Reach out to the helpful, friendly Clubspeed team today to learn more!



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