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Trampoline Gamification

Posted by Ana Wieser on 3/20/19 7:24 AM

People visit your trampoline park for various reasons: kids to burn off some energy and have fun with their friends; adults as a unique approach to shed some calories; families as a way to spend quality time together. Whatever the reason may be, gamifying trampoline jumping is a way to appeal to customers’ competitive sides and encourage them to return time and time again.

Gamification is defined as “the process of turning an activity or task into a game or something resembling a game.” Discover how trampoline gamification adds more fun for your customers and improves business.

Increase the Competition

Most people experience competitiveness at some point in their lives; it’s a natural feeling amongst human beings. While some consider it a bad quality from which kids should be shielded, it can and should be seen as a force that drives them toward positive action.

You can play up this idea within your trampoline park. Tracking number of jumps per minute as well as jump height gives customers a goal to improve their high score and “beat” others. You can host year-long competitions, birthday competitions, and summer camps for kids of different ages and levels, where more jumps mean more prizes.

The Effects of Competition on Your Business

Customers get sick of the same-old, same-old; the appeal of certain activities fades the more they do them. By adding an objective, i.e. beating a personal score or that of a friend or family member, it incentivizes customers to return. Instead of kids coming to jump on your trampolines for an hour then getting bored, they can keep going, aiming to jump higher than before and challenging their friends. This a great opportunity to sell annual memberships, if you’re not already offering it.

This, along with the adrenaline that comes with physical activity, will keep customers young and old coming back again and again.

Club Speed’s Jump Tracker allows customers to view their own jump heights and number of jumps per minute, along with where they stand compared to fellow jumpers at your park. For adults who want to get exercise out of their experience, the Jump Tracker also displays how many calories you’ve burned. If you want to learn more about this new product for trampoline parks, contact us today to learn more or get a quick 15-minute demo.

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