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Selecting A POS System for Your FEC - Where to Begin

Posted by Julie Dunn on 2/19/20 9:19 AM
Julie Dunn

Selecting the right Point of Sale (POS) solution for a family entertainment center (FEC), is a big decision. Consider it the central nervous system for managing and operating your entire FEC including activities, products, scheduling, food & beverage and customer information. It can also dictate your ability to scale, hence you’re not only selecting a POS software, you’re selecting a long-term partner that provides a solution designed to help you grow. 

POS systems come in such a wide variety, ranging in cost and complexity. Knowing what to look for can make the vetting process much simpler. We did the leg-work for you and found that the requirements for selecting the right POS solution for your FEC fall into 2 major buckets. The partner itself and the features and functionality of the solution. 


  • Can it support multiple activities & scheduling? Your system should allow you to book guests into multiple activities, adjust for capacity, manage scheduling, sell packages and process bookings both onsite and online.
  • How often is the POS solution updated? There is a sweet spot between too often and not often enough. A good rule a thumb is at least four times a year which is what we’d consider frequent enough to keep up with improvements and enhancements but not so frequently, you’re constantly retraining your staff. 
  • Does it integrate with payment processing? An integrated payment solution offers many benefits including increased security, streamlined booking onsite and online, improved financial reporting and much more.
  • Can you use it to manage guest profiles including signed waivers, points and loyalty programs? 


  • Does the provider specialize in FECs? A POS software provider focused on FECs will design the solution to address the specific needs of your FEC and have an intimate understanding of your requirements. They are also positioned to focus on new features that meet your future needs.
  • What is their pricing model? Do they charge you per customer, vary in monthly pricing or send you invoices that include hidden fees? As a POS partner, they should support your growth, not penalize you financially for increasing revenue.
  • Can they offer support 24x7x365? Since your POS is your operations hub, you need to be able to contact support at any time of the day or night.
  • You need to have access to support in your native language to ensure speedy and effective resolution.

Clubspeed’s software is a web-based service that encapsulates everything an FEC needs to run their business, drive revenue and foster engaging experiences that solidify long-term relationships and repeat visits. When looking for a solution, consider the partner you’re selecting. Afraid to make the switch? Check out our guide to making the move.

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