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Make Your Job Easier by Consolidating Software

Posted by Ana Wieser on 2/21/19 7:17 AM

How many different programs and processes do you use to run your business every day? Chances are, you use a register for all transactions, an organization system for customer registrations and waivers, an email provider, social media channels, and more. What if you had the opportunity to slim them down into one program? Hard to pass up, right?

Consolidating the technology you use today not only lightens your load, it also saves you time and money, and provides your customers with a seamless experience from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. Keep reading to learn more.


Think about all the different elements of your employees’ job: registering and checking in customers, distributing waivers, checking out customers who are paying for activities or food, sending out marketing and informational emails, safety procedures for different activities, cleaning and other daily tasks.

Each of these requires its own initial training and regular review for your staff to fully retain the information learned and to ensure they are doing things as expected. When they experience ongoing support or training needs, finding the appropriate provider to contact is confusing and time consuming. By selecting a solution that combines a lot of these separate functions, employees only need to learn one tool for registrations, waivers, and transactions.


Technology can be costly. Having separate technology for every business function is even costlier. Unifying all functions into one centralized system means you are only paying a single vendor instead of several. Not to mention the time saved on extensive employee training mentioned above means a significantly lower loss in staff and business productivity.

Customer Experience

With business running more smoothly and employees’ time being used more efficiently, your customers will have a far better experience at your location. They can sign in, sign a waiver, book activities, join your email list and make purchases in one place rather than moving through your park and waiting in various lines for registering, activities, ordering, and more.

Making improvements and keeping up with the evolving industry shows your customers you are invested in your business, and therefore, them.

Ready to get started? Contact us to discover how Club Speed can provide all you need-and more!-to run your business smarter and better.

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