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Quick Guide: What Arcade FEC’s Can Learn From Games Done Quick

Posted by Katy Koop on 4/20/21 9:00 AM

Business owners of Arcade FEC’s are well aware that there are so many ways to play classic games. From the “cheats” unlocked in games over the years to the ever expanding roster of new arcade experiences— there’s still nothing like the thrill of beating your favorite boss. That’s why we’re such a fan of Games Done Quick (GDQ), which is a series of charity video game marathons, featuring high-level gameplay by speedrunners raising money for charity. From harnessing well-known “cheats” to finding new ways to break whatever game they’re playing— watching the weeklong event truly harnesses the joy of seeing so many ways to play. 

While on the surface, other than featuring many of the same classic retro games, arcade FEC’s may not have a lot in common with a largely online charity event, however, there’s a lot that business owners can learn from both the marketing and web presence of this event made by and for gamers. With that in mind, here’s 5 key strategies arcade FEC owners can learn from GDQ.

1. Focus on a Streamlined, Easy-to-Use Web Presence 


Between their presence on their website and on Twitch, GDQ has a mobile friendly, easy to navigate website, so that users can easily get the latest news on upcoming speedruns, registration, and more. This focus on having a website that is easily usable and understandable to patrons is more important than ever. According to Hubspot’s 2019 study on web design, 93% have left a website because it didn’t display properly on their device and 93% of people have left because a website didn’t load quickly enough. The importance for FEC’s in every industry to have a modern, user-friendly online booking is central to the Clubspeed system. 

With Club Booking in particular, we offer online booking, mobile app support, and ability to help you build a usable website for your FEC, so your users have all the information about your arcade at your fingertips. In addition to helping make sure that your site is mobile friendly and accessible for all your guests, we can also help with our customizable mobile app available for any IOS and Android user. This allows customers to view race results, QR membership codes, live scoreboards, and leaderboards— in addition to providing online booking. By focusing on the customer experience, not only in your Arcade but on your mobile and web presence, you’re only boosting the possibility of fun. 

2. Invest in Your Online Community 


Whether it’s their winter or summer session, GDQ has an incredibly active social media presence, with people all over the world posting and sharing whenever there is a speedrun. This is also partly to do with the streamers and speedrunners posting online about practicing for the events throughout the year. People tag their favorite speedrunners, use the GDQ hashtag, and even chat in the stream of the event. 

While a physical arcade’s social media presence is a little different from online streamed events, you can still infuse your social strategy with GDQ’s sense of community and sharing. With Club Action, your customers can share the latest results from gameplay and events at your arcade, generating interest online. In addition, you can encourage people to share favorite memories or tag your Arcade on social media whenever they post that they’re there. For your own social media account, you can share this user footage and really engage with your user base online. When your patrons see how supportive you are in sharing user content and engaging with them, that can build a more engaged community. This will only bring the excitement around your Arcade FEC to the next level. 

3. Use Clear, Easy-to-Book Scheduling 


When one of their events is live, GDQ’s website features comprehensive scheduling so users know exactly when to tune in. By knowing which games are being played and by whom, people can plan when to tune in and even when to participate in donating to the charities. Often people can donate with certain notes that impact certain details about upcoming streams. This creates excitement about the events and allows people to plan their watching schedule. 

With live scheduling for attractions and ticketing at your arcade FEC, you can emulate this comprehensive and easy to navigate scheduling on your website. In addition, with our scheduling software that can be customized for your facility, you can ensure that no activity overbooks. Seeing this scheduling and how many people are planning to use certain gaming equipment can help you with the staffing of your arcade. You can also use our analytics technology to look at trends and build new packages that your patrons will love. Focusing on this scheduling will only make all of the fun that happens at your arcade run more smoothly. 

4. Utilize the Power of Nostalgia 


At GDQ, many of the games that are played by speedrunners are retro games like Castlevania, Super Mario, and arcade games, so many people tune in and take part to see some of their games from their youth played in record time. At your arcade FEC, it’s a great idea to promote some of your older games and classics, so that those looking for that dose of nostalgia can buy a ticket to your facility. People want to experience their favorite games and enjoy that nostalgia, so if you promote events, people looking to experience the arcade experience will be even more attracted to your facility. This can manifest in events, social media blasts, promotions, and even email marketing. The Clubspeed system, with segmented marketing, can even allow you to launch specific campaigns around this nostalgic audience, allowing you to really tailor your marketing to them. Nostalgia is powerful and it can really power up your FEC’s audience. 

5. Try Adding Events and Gaming Sessions 


GDQ is unique because it is typically a week of streamers playing games for a full week for almost 24 hours a day, making it a community experience seeing all of these amazing games. With Clubspeed, you can create exclusive gaming events or sessions, so people can book once in a lifetime events. As CNBC reports, a study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. Your customers want to experience your Arcade in a way they can’t anywhere else. That’s why events, even ones exclusive to members or as a part of an awards program, can create that sense of exclusivity. In addition, you can also make getting ticketing for these events only available online, so it can add even more value to your online booking. 

However you approach it, adding these events can create more excitement around your arcade and introduce your facility to new audiences craving these gaming experiences. 

Need More Help Leveling Up Your Arcade FEC?

Of course, these are just a couple strategies from GDQ you can use to promote and add value to your arcade FEC. We’ve been working with businesses all over the world to cultivate experiences and create systems to work for their specific needs. From setting up self-checkout kiosks to integrating new technologies, to adjusting employee training— we're always ready to help businesses right-size solutions that meet their most profound business challenges. If you’re ready to see if the Clubspeed approach can help your family entertainment center, you can learn how we can power up your business here

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