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Don’t Have a Training Program? You’re Putting Your Business at Risk

Posted by Ana Wieser on 1/22/19 6:12 AM

Educating your employees on protocol and safety procedures is vital to their professional success, as well as the overall success of your family entertainment center. Implementing a staff training program sets the precedent for how your team should carry out their day-to-day responsibilities, as well as how to handle certain workplace situations.

If you don’t have a training plan in place, you are at risk of the following:

Poor Employee Performance

Without a formal process in place to communicate expectations for your staff or teach them how to perform certain duties, how can you ensure they work up to your standards and have the knowledge they need to do their job effectively? Throwing someone into the job without any preparation sets them, as well as your business, up for failure.

Training also allows you to spot every employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where each person excels and where they could improve gives you the opportunity to place them where they shine and get them the help they need for the skills that need it. The team working well together and doing their best results in seamless daily operations and a positive experience for customers.

Lack of Consistency

People joined your team with varying backgrounds and levels of experience, which is all they have to go on if they don’t go through proper training. An employee who worked at a different park before joining your team may have a preset idea of how to do things, which might be different than how you want them done. On the other hand, an employee with no previous experience will have no direction as to how to carry out their responsibilities, aimlessly trying to figure things out as they go, meaning a loss in productivity.

In onboarding and any subsequent training, you have the opportunity to tell your staff what needs to be done and how it should be done, eliminating any confusion on procedure. This way, if a member of your team is not performing at the level you expect, there is no excuse because you’ve made the rules clear.

Additionally, with standards in place, your FEC customers will have a consistent experience every time they come in, no matter who they interact with, improving overall satisfaction.

Unfulfilled Employees

Not only will your employees display subpar performance without training, they are also likely to feel undervalued and less happy with their job. An unhappy employee will potentially result in a negative experience for your customers. By investing the time and money toward a training program and professional development, you create a supportive working environment, showing your staff that you appreciate them and that their work is meaningful. When an employee feels valued, they will stick around longer, saving you the time and money it takes to find and hire new staff.

Ready to get started with a training program for your park? Make sure you include these topics to keep your employees up to speed and engaged in their role every day.

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