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Posted by Ana Wieser on 9/6/18 6:27 AM

What is important to you in running your business? Chances are you want to know who your customers are and what products and services they are interested in, maintain those customers and bring in new ones, and ultimately increase your revenue. By implementing the right software, you can not only collect the information you need to run and grow your business, but also improve your customer experience to keep them coming back. Read on to learn more about how you can easily gather data and use it to your -- and your customers’ -- advantage.

Grow Your Business 

Initially gathering information from your customers is easy. Whether you run a racing facility, trampoline park, or other family entertainment center, you will need to get some basic information about your guests when they sign waivers, including their names and ages. However, you can require additional information, such as birth date, email address, or whatever else you might think would be useful. Be cautious when you ask for a person’s email address; make sure to comply with privacy policies and/or GDPR standards and get clear consent to send a person emails in the future.

Email marketing presents a unique opportunity for using the information you obtain after guests visit your facility. You can stay in regular communication with those who select to participate in your email list, informing them of special events, announcements or discounts. A week or two after a person’s initial visit, you can send out an email thanking them for coming, keeping your location top of mind.

You can also reach out to inactive customers, those who have not visited your facility over a certain period of time, encouraging them to come back with some sort of incentive. For instance, you can send out a monthly email that goes to everyone in your database who has not returned in the last 90 days, and include a special discount. Requiring customers to input their birthday also allows you to send birthday deals to all in your database whose birthday falls within a certain month.

Club Speed software stores and pulls guest information automatically and will send these types of emails for you. All you have to do is create the email templates and set the criteria for when you want to send the messages and to whom. It’s little work on your part with a potentially large return!

Increase the Fun for Your Customers

While data offers various advantages for you and your business, it also has benefits for your customers. Your entertainment center has the opportunity to gamify some of your offerings, encouraging increased competition and enhancing the overall experience.

Our Jump Tracker for trampoline parks tracks each person’s height per jump, jumps per minute and average jump height to literally up the ante for all who visit the park. Jumpers can set personal goals to beat as well as compete against one another for added fun.

In addition, Club Speed’s karting software gathers data on times, scores and driving paths of racers, giving them a full picture of their performance and encouraging them to keep racing to beat their previous scores. Our ProSkill driver skill ranking system is also a great example of how you can use data to improve customer experience at your karting track. This point-based system allows racers to see how they rank among your entire database, encouraging them to come back in order to raise their rank. Learn more about the ProSkill system here.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to create a customized, branded mobile app to stay connected to customers and keep them in the loop with their own performance, how they stack up against others at the facility, and more. 

“Data” and “entertainment” don’t normally go hand-in-hand. However, when you use the technology at your disposal effectively, you can leverage the data you collect at your facility to improve customer satisfaction and retention, resulting in business success and growth.

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