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4 Ways to Prepare for the Spring Rush

Posted by Ana Wieser on 2/27/19 7:14 AM

Winter is winding down, and with spring comes a renewed energy. Kids and adults alike will be looking for a way to burn off some of that energy. Is your park ready to get back into full swing?

Here are some ways you can get prepared:

1. Execute your Marketing Strategy

How have you been marketing your business to both new and existing customers? Has your strategy been working? How are you going to increase your sales volume from this time last year? Look at past performance, such as email open and click rates, social media engagements, and website visits, to determine what has successfully engaged your audience. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what kind of information relating to your business they would want to know. Did you update your hours? Let them know. Are you holding an upcoming discount? Be targeted.

2. Review Training with Staff

When business is slower, employees sometimes let things fall through the cracks. As the busy season gets ramped up, so too should employee morale and motivation. Review important training materials with your staff, focusing the most attention on safety rules, general processes and customer satisfaction.

3. Clean the Inside and Outside of Your Park

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home; your facility inevitably becomes cluttered and disorganized over time. Take advantage of downtime by going through file cabinets, closets and other areas that may have been neglected. Decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need, along with reorganizing shelves and storage areas makes it easier to find things when you’re looking for them down the road.

In addition, think about other minor, less time-consuming improvements that you can make, like a fresh coat of paint or rearranging furniture.

4. Check Equipment

You should already be checking play equipment on a regular basis, but with the busy season just around the corner, perform thorough inspections and testing of everything to make sure spring will start off on the right foot.

If you have karts that are stored in a garage or outdoor area, make sure you do proper maintenance before getting them back up and running.

Spring is the time of year to get excited about the fun ahead, and it all starts with preparing your facility, your staff, and yourself with a new crowd of excited customers. By planning ahead, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more able to enjoy the fun times to come!

Topics: Adventure Park, Customer Experience, Adventure Center, Activity Center, Facility Management

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