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Take Advantage of the Holiday Season to Grow Your Business

Posted by Ana Wieser on 11/8/18 6:45 AM

With the holiday season comes a lot of excitement and families spending quality time together. Capture some of the holiday spirit by giving back to your customers with special promotions and offerings. Doing so not only develops your customers’ relationship with your brand, but is also a great way to build awareness of your activity center.

It’s not too early to start planning for the holidays -- consider the following ways to attract customers during the most wonderful time of the year:


One of the best ways to engage new and existing customers alike is to hold competitions. The holiday season is a perfect excuse to build excitement around a themed, seasonal contest. Set up a tournament for groups to face off against one another, with individuals being eliminated after each race or match.

Wrap up the contest with a special end-of-year event at the park for all who participated and anyone else who wants to join in the fun. Hold a final head-to-head challenge for the competition finalists, awarding the champion with a special prize; anything from a tablet to free activities at your location.


An easy way to draw customers in during the holidays is with discounts and deals. Black Friday is a day known for finding your favorite products at significantly lower prices; play into this concept by offering activities at a discounted rate or free add-ons! For instance, guests can purchase two races and get the third free, or get a free meal with their booking of specific activities.

Gift Cards

Avid racers, thrill seekers and anyone who wants a day of fun could enjoy a day at your activity center. Let your customers purchase gift cards to treat their loved ones for the holidays. While you can provide traditional physical gift cards for purchase at your park, the most simple and convenient way to offer gift cards to customers, whether they are at your facility or looking online, is with eGift cards. Upon purchasing an eGift card, the customer receives it immediately via an email that can be forwarded on to the gift recipient. They can then either print out the confirmation or scan the card directly on their phone at your facility.

Spread the joy this holiday season! These are just a few ways you can show appreciation to the people who love your park. How are you going to give back to your customers this year?

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