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Point-of-Sale Made Easy

Posted by Ana Wieser on 3/29/19 6:57 AM

Point-of-sale systems (POS) are often overlooked, because there are a number of different solutions available, all ranging in cost and complexity. If you are a restaurant or retailer, a basic and inexpensive POS is most likely sufficient to support your needs.

Activity centers are different as their requirements are a bit more complex, but that doesn’t mean you need to over complicate it.

Point-of-Sale for Your FEC

So, what should your system include?

Your POS system can not only handle regular purchases; it must have the capability to support multiple activities and link directly to your activity scheduling calendar. Certain activities have a limited number of spaces available at a given time, and the POS should be able to manage your capacity. It should be simple and intuitive for employees, so they can make the transaction process as seamless as possible for guests who come to your park.

Even better is if your POS is tied directly to self-service; if you already offer these kiosks for customers to register and sign waivers on their own, it only makes sense to include purchases within the system.

Finally, POS technology capabilities can collect customer information, including purchase history, giving you insight into customer interests and behaviors. This information is useful for building relationships with people who visit your park, and to leverage in future marketing efforts.

If you’d like to discover more about Clubspeed’s POS, contact us or request a demo of the product here.

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