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The 4 Pages Your Website Needs

Posted by Ana Wieser on 12/4/18 6:13 AM

Having a website is hugely important in this day and age, but even more important is offering the right information on that website. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: are they accessing your website via mobile device or computer, and why have they come to the site? It may be to find basic information, like your hours and prices; your address or contact details; or answers to more in-depth questions, like what they need in order to prepare visiting your park.

A proper website has all this information easily accessible. The following are the four most important pages you need to have on your activity center’s site:

1. Homepage

The homepage, or main page of your website, is generally the first impression people will have of your brand. If a person has no awareness of your park and finds you on the internet, this is their entry point to your activity center. Welcome visitors to your site, give them a brief overview of what they will find on your site, and put only the most interesting and important information on this page in simple terms. Including too much text right off the bat might be overwhelming, and people may just skip over it altogether.

2. Online Booking

In your business, convenience is key to attracting and retaining customers. If a person is looking for a park to book a group or event, providing them with the ability to schedule and purchase everything from home on their computer gives you a leg up against other parks. Customers prefer ease of booking and, especially with groups, want to be able to get to your park and go straight to the activities rather than having to spend time registering every member of the group and signing waivers. Find a provider who can easily integrate online booking into your site.

3. Contact Us Page

It may not seem as important, but giving your website visitors a quick and easy way to find your contact information is vital. If it takes too much time and effort for a person to find your address, phone number or email, they will likely give up and move along to one of your competitors instead. Offer as many ways to reach you as you can so the customer can communicate with you on their terms in their preferred method.

Include the contact us page in your main navigation menu, and include the information in the footer of every page to make it impossible to miss!

4. FAQ Page

What do your customers want to know? What questions might they have about the online booking process and payments? What information could be useful for them to know before coming to your location? Consider all of this and put together a handy frequently asked questions (FAQ) page -- your customers will appreciate you acknowledging their questions and answering them with minimal effort on their part.

When creating or revamping your website, make sure it is mobile responsive. Over half of global website traffic comes from mobile devices, so you want to give your customers the same experience with your site regardless of how they are accessing it.

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