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3 Holiday Planning Ideas to Use at Your FEC

Posted by Kyle Wells on 10/14/21 9:00 AM
Kyle Wells

As the holiday season brings families together, you should be prepared to welcome a spike in visitors at your family entertainment center. Extra planning is essential to successfully host an influx of guests over the holiday period. Increased visits from the general public and private event bookings require careful preparation. A smooth, quality guest experience is the goal as you look toward the future.

Here are three useful holiday planning ideas to help prepare your family entertainment center for families; unforgettable memories are ahead.

Thoroughly check your stock and order enough supplies

To cater for increased festivities over the winter months, you must be equipped with all the things your guests have come to expect. Work out exactly what you will need for each event. Place a bulk order that covers you for supplies for all your upcoming events over the holiday period. It doesn’t hurt to order a few extras in case you sell out of anything. Think ahead to New Year; it will keep you from running for supplies when things get busy. One large order is easier to manage than many, smaller deliveries.


Do facility-wide maintenance and health safety checks

The last thing you want during one of the busiest periods of the year is some sort of issue that prevents you from opening up. For example, you don’t want your heating or AC system to fail when your facility is in full swing with guests enjoying themselves. Prevent issues by conducting thorough checks of your facility well ahead of peak times. Being prepared will allow you to focus on creating an exciting experience for your guests instead of dealing with costly, failing systems.


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Plan for a strong year ahead with detailed records

A boost in sales during the holiday season is a welcomed sight for any business owner. Why not direct that drive towards the coming year?  By delivering your guests an unforgettable experience during the holiday season, you’ll secure potential long-term customers who will return to enjoy your facility again. Keep a record of the number of supplies you use, the numbers of staff you required, and sales figures for the season. This data will help you be more prepared for future holiday seasons allowing you to focus on perfecting your guest experience.

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It’s extremely important to think ahead before the holiday season hits. From Halloween to News Year, you’ll be sure to see an uptick in bookings. Clubspeed makes it easier to entertain and satisfy your growing base. The holiday season is a time for family and friends to get together; be ready to provide them with an unforgettable experience.


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