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We've Partnered with De Haardt to Bring you RTLS!

Posted by Chris Webb on 6/14/18 4:57 PM
Chris Webb

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) has arrived, allowing our karting clients to track customer race times and scores in more advanced ways than they ever could before.

RTLS refers to systems that identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually inside a building or other contained space. This technology has many applications including hospitals and health systems, manufacturing and retail, but organizations in other industries are getting creative and taking advantage of this technology to improve the experience for their customers. 

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How does RTLS work?


Generally, RTLS involves a small tracking device either attached to an object or worn by a person, with fixed reference points spread throughout the desired area that receive wireless signals from those devices to determine the exact location of the person or object. This is different from GPS in that GPS technology leverages satellite signals that work best in open outdoor spaces. If you are looking to pinpoint the location of someone or something indoors, GPS will not give you an accurate reading.

Watch a Video of RTLS in action!

Clubspeed racing with RTLS


RTLS provides many benefits in the karting sector for both track owners as well as visitors. Track owners and staff are able to locate dozens of racers automatically and simultaneously, while racers get accurate timing and location data to compete on a larger scale. The features coming from the technology are truly limitless, being able to replay your last race, or best lap, compare your race to the track record and more immersive analytics are all in the pipeline.

Clubspeed has integrated the Xtra Location System from De Haardt, tracking racers in real time with transponders installed on all karts. Antennas strategically placed around the track connect with the transponder to precisely locate where the tag is at all times, measuring precise lap and race times. This technology enhances the customer experience and encourages competition by providing drivers with a visualization of their racing lines that they can compare to the “ideal” track path. Gathering race data over time provides in-depth statistics for racers to see where they place in a specific race or amongst all track guests.

It starts to really get exciting when you consider the safety aspects of an RTLS system. We will soon be adding automatic slow-downs and speed-ups for racers approaching a crash, or going the wrong way on the track. Automatically slow down karts when they enter the pits or a restricted area, RTLS has the promised of being an ever-watchful eye looking over the safety of your racers.

At your race track, you can leverage location technology as a service for your customers; giving you a competitive advantage over other tracks for everyone from beginners to the most experienced racers. Clubspeed is continuing to roll out and test our location system to give our clients and their customers the best experience when they come to your race track.


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