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Discover 3 Ways to Take Birthday Bookings to the Next Level!

Posted by Kyle Wells on 6/23/21 9:30 AM
Kyle Wells

Looking to boost birthday bookings throughout the year? Clubspeed makes it possible!

When marketed correctly, birthday parties can be an asset to any family entertainment center. Making a few smart changes in this area could drastically improve the guest experience and the bottom line. Ready to get started? Now is a great opportunity to explore a few ways to organically market yourself to the community while adding value to your entire operation!

Tailor group deals to meet the direct needs of the party


Custom packages are a good way to elevate how people enjoy and perceive your family entertainment center. Start by identifying who you’re trying to attract and build a theme around them. Targeting specific ages with adaptable birthday menus is always a great idea; for example, you could offer a range of prizes to please children or bar specials for an adult party. Whatever you come up with, you’ll be better able to attract key demographics otherwise missed by traditional marketing campaigns. Now guests have a definitive reason to choose you over another location!

Diversify your menu with unique, delicious specials

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People love discounted, or even free, items; don’t disappoint; birthdays are the perfect reason to offer a few perks. Deals on food and beverage during birthdays boost bookings and encourage everyone to get involved. Consider providing a complimentary meal to the birthday boy or girl alongside unique food and drinks deals to party guests. Perhaps, you can even reach out to a local baker to regularly create cakes for parties. A few small touches like these keep visitors happy, encourage return visits, and spreads the word about your family entertainment center.

Offer exclusive experiences for all birthday bookings

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Giving customers a taste of your entire facility is a surefire way to drive future sales. Add a few perks to groups that book to create an unforgettable day people will talk about for years. Free visits, extra loyalty points, or small gift bags are always a great addition to any experience. Thankfully, Clubspeed makes it easy to develop themed tournaments and competitions that inspire a competitive atmosphere. Here guests will maximize their time in your center and likely to come back in the near future. 

Consider these fun ways to attract year-round birthday bookings; alongside Clubspeed, you’ll have all the tools you need to create unforgettable experiences and a buzz surrounding your brand. Improvements like this will pay off as your family entertainment center becomes the go-to destination for birthdays. Guests feel more valued and fulfilled… ready to tell others about the great time they had! 

Clubspeed is here to enhance any party at your family entertainment center; learn more about our intuitive, digitized approach today!


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