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Attention Trampoline Parks - Increase Sales with Gamification

Posted by Ana Wieser on 7/25/18 8:33 AM

In our last post, we discussed how leveraging cloud-based software to manage your trampoline park is beneficial in making day-to-day operations more efficient, keeping information for all your locations in one place, and protecting sensitive business and customer data. So why choose Club Speed venue management software for your trampoline park business?

Club Speed for Karting

Our expertise began when we introduced a first-of-its-kind karting and race track software, providing gamification and real-time insights into customer and business data available in one cohesive system, while boosting customer engagement and allowing them to interact with their favorite karting tracks like never before. Our proprietary Pro Skill Driver Ranking System creates a lift in sales by increasing races per driver and return visits.

Now that we have mastered the race track, we are taking our expertise in venue management and gamification to the trampoline park.

What’s Missing from Trampoline Parks?

Imagine yourself running your park or parks all from one handy, portable system. Leveraging Club Speed software, this is all possible. You have total control over your business right at your fingertips via tablet or other mobile device. Schedule events, allow guests to self register and collect their information, deliver waivers, sell products and services and more. We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, which is why everything is customizable based on your business needs; your program can be as simple or diversified as you choose.

Our software also transforms jumping into a competitive sport for your customers with Club Speed’s Jump Tracker, giving them a reason to stay longer. A small, wearable piece of hardware connects to your integrated system, recording jumps per minute, jump height, total number of jumps and calories burned.


This friendly competition gives your guests the opportunity to challenge themselves, trying to beat their own scores and each other, and in turn giving them a sense of achievement. Jumpers can view these scores on cloud-connected screens or scoreboards throughout your facility via our one-of-a-kind ranking system. Make this information available for customers on the go through a branded mobile app, connected via the cloud to your Club Speed software. Jumpers will also soon be able to easily buy more time in the park directly through their jump tracker device without even needing to interact with your staff.

Integrated software is literally changing the game for trampoline parks. It creates a more exciting experience for trampoline park patrons, while allowing you and your staff to breathe easy knowing your business is run efficiently and data is secure.

How can Club Speed help your business? Request a demo here or contact us to learn more about features of our trampoline park software.

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