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What's New with Clubspeed Software Version 21.2

Posted by Kyle Wells on 7/1/21 9:30 AM
Kyle Wells

2021 is in full swing! While businesses are beginning to open back up and increase capacity, some of the practices that were adopted during the pandemic are here to stay. This is why staying connected to your guests is more important than ever. Clubspeed has created solutions in our latest software update to continue to help drive revenue, streamline your operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

Our latest update has arrived and we’re excited to show you how to drive revenue with our new, faster POS flow, customer URL redirect for eGiftcards, and SMS text marketing. We’ve helped reduce overhead and streamline operational efficiency with new integrations and bug fixes. And lastly, we’re helping you improve your guest experience with expanded sector timing hardware, brand new race result sheets, and automated kart speed controls. Below is a list of some of the new features you can find in versions release 21.2. If you'd prefer to watch the webinar for version release 21.2 in its entirety, you can click the link below.

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1. QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

We recently sent out a questionnaire asking all our customers what integrations they would like to see, and the most popular one was integration with QuickBooks Online. 

This integration allows you to drastically reduce the manual labor of exporting and importing your financial information from Clubspeed to QuickBooks as you can now set up the integration we developed between the two systems and create an updated schedule. Our software will then reach out and update QuickBooks Online with your financial information at the given time frame meaning, your QuickBooks is now up to date every day with zero human intervention.

Your finance department will love this new integration!


2. Sector Timing Expansions 

Sector Timing Expansions

You spoke and we listened! We’ve added new hardware options to our newly released sector timing functionality. Sector timing allows you to split your race track into subsections, so your guests can better understand where they are doing well or losing time. Sector times help foster more competition and greater engagement in the racing crowd. This gives your racing product a more legitimate status as you mimic full-size racing leagues like Formula1 and IndyCar, while also giving your racers more metrics and goals to get hooked on and engaged with.

In 21.2 we’ve added the ability to use additional timing hardware from both Dehaardt as well as MyLaps X3 timing system to the sector timing functionality. If you don’t have them already, you’ll need either another sector beacon from Dehaardt or a timing loop from MyLaps so you can section off parts of your track and start tracking these intermediate times.


3. New Race Results

New Race Results

The highest requested feature from our customers was new race results. We’ve created a new template that will work with both with and without sector times, is easier to read and compare your stats, and most importantly, will work on all major browsers and email clients.

This initial version will allow you to add your logos and branding to it as well as customize the location information. We’ve also included some new metrics like Theoretical Best Lap for customers with sectors, so a guest can see what their times would be if they strung together all their best sectors into a single lap.


4. SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Messaging

Marketing via text is a feature that is going to help you connect and engage with the younger generation that is currently the largest cohort of spenders in the entertainment space. Engaging with your guests in the channels that they prefer and feel most comfortable with will help you build lasting relationships and drive more revenue through repeat visits and low-friction interactions.

This new marketing tool will be familiar and new at the same time. It’s built similarly to our current email marketing tools, so you should feel comfortable hopping in and taking it for a spin. You will be able to create text templates in your admin portal and use your current guest segmentation tools to single out customers that want to hear what you have to say.


5. New POS Flow

New POS Workflow

This is one we’re all immensely excited about here at Clubspeed. This functionality can be tied to driving revenue, increasing your efficiency, and giving your customer the best experience possible. With our customer base constantly adding new activities and attractions to their locations, and product offerings getting more complicated to match, we took a deep dive into the checkout process and tried to really dissect where the inherent inefficiencies and opportunities were.

We clocked hundreds of transactions from various business models and developed a new POS flow that can drastically reduce your checkout time. It’s so fast, that you might not believe the transaction is complete the first time you use it. With a group of 10 people doing 7 activities, we reduced the number of clicks by 82%, and the time from start to finish by almost 95%. Yeah, that fast.


6. Automated Kart Speed Controls

Automated Kart Speed Controls

Last, but certainly not least is our release for automated kart speed controls! Another highly requested feature that will help you increase your on-track efficiency and more importantly give your customer a better racing experience. You can now automatically control the speed of your kart fleet based on race status.

You can stagger the start, speed up or slow down the speed of the karts as they pass the timing loop, or X number of seconds after the race has started or stopped. This allows racers that are still finishing their last lap to continue at full speed, while others that are on their cool-down lap and heading into the pits will be automatically slowed down. All completely automated! There’s a ton of options in how you set this up, and our support team is standing by to help you build the perfect template for your track and Dehaardt slow-down equipped kart fleet.


We at Clubspeed are back at it 100%, with a full staff ready and eager to help you open your doors and create those lasting experiences that keep your guests engaged and coming back for more. We have a full support team on staff 24/7 to address any issues you may encounter as you get back into the full swing of summer. As always we’re very grateful for your feedback, and we're excited to continue building software that helps your business be the best it can. If you have any questions regarding your current Clubspeed services, please contact customersuccess@clubspeed.com

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We clocked hundreds of transactions from various business models and developed a new POS flow that can drastically reduce your checkout time. It’s so fast, that you might not believe the transaction is complete the first time you use it. With a group of 10 people doing 7 activities, we reduced the number of clicks by 82%, and the time from start to finish by almost 95%. Yeah, that fast.

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