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Posted by Lisa Maree on 4/7/20 10:42 AM

Hold tight; the leader in venue management software is here to take your business to the next level!

Clubspeed is always on the lookout for ways to improve the family entertainment customer experience. Therefore, we’re extremely proud to announce the launch of our brand new, state-of-the-art online booking system. With this exciting development, you have the opportunity to book reservations, parties, and events for customers 24-hours, 7-days per week.

Don’t overlook the powerful technological advantage of a digitized system! ZERO overhead means you watch business grow without putting your neck on the line. With Clubspeed online booking, revenue rises while administrative costs are greatly reduced. In addition, our cloud-based technology provides analytical insight into the needs of your customers… further boosting business!

The Clubspeed team is here to support the family entertainment community regardless of the challenges ahead. This current downtime serves as an ideal time to integrate online booking into daily operations. Let us bridge the gap between now and whenever we get back to normal. When this all blows over, you’ll be thankful to have a lower overhead and definitive edge over competition.

Online booking is no longer an option, it's a necessity!

Efficiency is critical to a premium customer experience. Through extensive research, we’ve found that over 68% of customers prefer the convenience of online bookings. As a result, we’ve optimized the process via our innovative cloud-based technology. Your customers can now book at any time of the day with a click using Clubspeed’s Smart Learning AI scheduling platform. The Clubspeed system removes reliance on outdated cash or over-the-phone payments. This means your guests spend less time in line or on the phone and more time having fun!

Revenue will inherently increase alongside our system’s ability to create product deals that group multiple calendar activities and products into a single offer. Want to sell a Platinum Party Package that includes go-karts, laser tag, and time on the trampoline? Now you can… with the option to up-sell items upon check-out! Our research shows this strategy raises company revenue by a whopping 37%! Best yet, integrated payments are hassle-free as customers can pay upfront from any device. You can even set up a customizable payment plan so customers won’t owe everything at once.

How does Clubspeed’s cloud-based online booking tool further benefit FECs?

Reservations are easier to make; therefore, people save time and have more fun. Digital payments are faster and more straightforward as human error is almost completely eliminated. Also, this technology significantly reduces no-shows because customers have already paid for their package. Customers are exposed to options or packages they’ve not considered, making the booking experience a much more exciting experience!

How does it all work?

  1. A customer chooses the number of participants, date/time, and the activities or packages they want.
  2. Clubspeed Smart Learning AI ensures all activities can be scheduled with no possibility of double-booking.
  3. The customer is presented with the option to add additional items or services to their selected package.
  4. The customer checks-out by making a deposit or paying in full.
  5. The guest’s online booking is logged in the Clubspeed system.
  6. We charge your customers a 5% convenience fee, up to $10.

What is the future of Clubspeed’s online booking system?

Clubspeed’s online booking system version 1.0 is already advanced in its field; we, however, are always looking for ways to improve. As we grow, our objective is to maximize the customer experience. Some suggestions our team has already made include:

  • An RSVP portal for party organizers
  • An online payment portal for any party
  • The ability to use Clubspeed credits/gift cards

Right now, you can offer specials on any missed birthday parties as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Interested in learning more? We’ve got a lot of other ideas in the works but we’re also on the lookout for great ideas from you! Interested in improving the customer experience. Get in touch with our team today!

Want to digitize your operation?

People are on their phones more than ever; last year mobile traffic accounted for 52% of all web traffic, compared to 0.7% in 2009. Clubspeed is a social, shareable solution for the next generation of family entertainment enthusiasts!

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